Bike Trips for Families for 2018

Bike Trips for Families for 2018

Julianne Moore, World Executives DigestFamily trips are one of the best ways parents can strengthen the bond between them and their children and explore the world. Together, you will get an experience of a new terrain, people, culture, history, smells and sights-experiences that are normally hard to have on a rented car, train and even plane. Below are great bike trips for families you can go for if you are planning to take your kids out on a cycling trip once they close schools.

Thailand Family Bike Trip

Want a family bike trip that will leave you lost in words? The Thai Family Bike Trip in northern Thailand is a great choice if you are looking to go somewhere in Southeast Asia. You will journey through an area of meandering rivers, stunning limestone hills and misty valleys discovering Thailand’s culture and following the River Maekok. Thailand has many Buddhist temples and as you ride you can stop once in a while to find more about the religion from a Buddhist monk and even behold the beauty of the temples as you cycle along the beautiful Thailand back country lanes. This trip is suitable for younger kids and teens, and it costs $4,598-$5,148. If you have never been to South East Asia, this is a chance to.

Canadian Rockies Family Bike Trip

Virgin forests, snow-capped mountains, crystalline lakes, pristine air are what you are waited to behold and experience. If you love mountain biking, then this is the trip for you and your family. Pack your full suspension mountain bike, your family passports and discover this wonderful mountain range. And remember to breathe. The views and the natural beauty of these Canadian Rockies can take your breath away. The cost is only $3198

The Czech Republic to Austria Family Bike Trip

Ever admired to visit either Austria or the Czech Republic and have never gotten a chance to? This is the time you can visit. From the various bike trips for families out there, this one will give you the opportunity to be in two different nations in one trip. So make it your choice and get ready for the journey. The cost for the trip ranges $3198-$3598.

Mount Rushmore Family Bike Trip

Want to ride on the USA’s #1 rail trail bike path? Then the Mount Rushmore Family Bike Trip is the best choice. The Bicycling magazine ranked the Mickelson Trail the #1 US bike path, and you can’t wait to ride on that trail. The cost is approximately $2566.

Costa Brava to Spanish Pyrenees Family Bike Trip

Spain especially the city of Gerona is the home of many professional cyclists. Although you may not go to Gerona for a family bike trip, you can still travel to Spain for a Costa Brava to Spanish Family Bike Trip. Cost is $4098.


Northern Thailand

Age Group: Older teens and 20s
Group Size: 20
Itinerary: Ride from Chiang Rai through rice paddies and tobacco fields on the way to the old Chiang Saen(Burmese Kingdom) to the stunning ChomKittitemple, browse the market of Sop Ruak for a one in a class of its handicrafts and refreshing Thailand ice tea. 

(Start) Chiang Rai-Chiang Saen-ChomKitti temple-Sop Ruak market then back to Chiang Rai


Age Group: Young siblings,teens and adults of all ages
Group Size: 20
Itinerary: Catch a glimpse of fantastic Mount Cascade and Bow Valley as you pedal to Banff. Spare some time for a luxurious moment at Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Ride through the Banff National Park to Lake Minnewanka. From there head to Mount Cascade to Baker Creek and Lake Louise. As you ride along the Ice fields Parkway, behold a view of the Canadian Rockies as you head to Peyto Lake.

(Start) Calgary-Banff-near Mount Cascade-Baker Creek-Lake Louise-through the Ice fields Parkway to Peyto Lake.

The Czech Republic to Austria

Age Group: Teens and younger siblings
Group Size: 20
Itinerary: Start in the magnificent Prague. Ride past turrets, spires, and onion shaped domes.Explore the amazing CeskyKrumlov.  Ride by the Danube river, Savor Wachau, Valley Wine and grape juice and finally, you will be in Vienna.

(Start) Prague, Czech Republic-CeskKrumlov-Neuhofen and der Ybbs-Melk-Durnstein-Wessenkirchen-Vienna, Austria. (End)

United States

Age Group: All ages
Group Size: 20
Itinerary: Start at the Rapid city. Ride through the safe and wide roads of the Badlands National Park before heading for the hot water springs. Pedal the Mickelson Trail to Pringle from Minnekahta. Head to the Custer State Park. Explore a wind cave. Back onto the trail at Pringle, cycle to Bedrock city and then to Crazy Horse. Relax, go swimming, rock climbing o canoeing and explore Mount Rushmore. From Hill City, cycle to Rochford and from there head to Deadwood. From Deadwood cycle south to Rochford then back to Rapid City.

(Start) Rapid City-through Badlands National park to Mickelson Trail-Minnekhata-Pringle-Bedrock City-Crazy Horse-Hill City-Rochford then to Rapid City by shuttle.


Age Group: Teens and Younger Siblings
Group Size: 20

Start your biking in Barcelona. Head to the mountains cycling past herds of goats and alpine villages, Hike the French Pyrenees foothills and the Sierra de Montgrony rocky trail then bike to the Mediterranean through the BaixEmpordia sunflower fields. Enjoy a boat ride and cycle along the rural roads of the Empurdanmedieval villages.

Barcelona-Bolvir de Cerdanya-Llivia-Mont Louis-Figueres-Costa Brava-back to Barcelona along the Mediterranean.

As usual, bike trips for families can never be more fun with rented bikes. You need to have yours. A bike doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. You can start with an entry level mountain bike. Here are mountain bikes under 500.