Blog Improvements to Impress Your Readers

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Your blog is how you share information with the visitors to your website. Part of what makes a great blog is the content. Incredible content captures and holds the attention of your readers. It provides them with useful, relevant information. While content is important, it’s not the only factor in creating a successful blog. Appearances matter too.

Humans are visual creatures. You can have the best content on the internet but it won’t matter if the blog’s appearance doesn’t appeal to visitors. If they don’t like the way it looks, they’re likely to click away without reading more than the title. Here are a few ways to improve the design of your blog, making it look more professional and more appealing to your readers.

Start with a Great Framework

You have most likely already heard of website themes. A theme allows you to set the overall look, style, and feel of your site. There are several free options (as well as paid ones) to choose from.

Another option is a CSS framework, which can help you to create a custom website and blog designs. There are several frameworks to choose from, including bulma css. Many are free to use and made to be beginner-friendly. Even those with little experience can design an incredible blog thanks to templates and tutorials. Many or modular, meaning that you can use what you want and leave out the things you don’t.


Before visitors read your content, they are likely to scan through it first. Everything that’s on your blog will affect the impression that it leaves. If your blog too cluttered, visitors are likely to click away without actually reading anything or looking at anything else on your site.

One of the most common forms of clutter on blog pages is ads. Internet users dislike ads so much that they install adblockers to avoid them. Too many ads can result in a rather unattractive blog. Readers won’t be able to find the information they’re looking for. If you choose to use ads, then pay attention to where you place them and try to make them appear organic.

Use Headings in Your Content

Headings are an essential component in creating content that looks great and reads well. They essentially function as an outline for your content, letting your readers know what the content is about. An H1 heading should be used for your main title. The main points within your content should be distinguished with H2 headings. In addition to making your content easier to read, headings improve the appearance of your blog and help to boost your SEO.

Break Up Text with Images

Images are important for your blog. Many people include just one image at the beginning of the post but don’t include any others. Long blocks of text can be tiresome for the eyes, and readers may lose interest. Instead, break up the text in your blog posts by adding additional images, such as pictures, infographics, or a video. Avoid adding too many images, though, so that you avoid creating clutter.

Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate

Make navigating your blog simple and intuitive. If a visitor wants to find more information, they shouldn’t have to search too hard to find what they’re looking for. For instance, the blog logo should guide a visitor back to your home page. Consider a dropdown menu. Other pieces to include that can help to make navigation easier include:

  • A search bar.
  • An about page.
  • A contact page.

Ensure Your Blog is Mobile-Friendly

These days, more and more people are accessing the web on the go, meaning that they’re using their smart devices to find information. A website not optimized for smart devices may not work properly on a smartphone, which means visitors are more likely to leave. Your blog must be mobile-friendly, which will allow it to work on regular computers as well as smart devices. Not only will it work correctly, but it will look great as well.

Great content is just part of the equation. When you have incredible content paired with a visually appealing blog page, you’re more likely to attract and keep readers on your page.