Buhay Party List Gives Full Support for the Youth, Arts, and Culture

Buhay Partylist and Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth
Buhay Partylist and Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth welcomes Maureen Wroblewitz as their official Ambassador.

Manila, Philippines | Buhay Party List Gives Full Support for the Youth, Arts, and Culture | Buhay Party List hosted a press event for the winners of the Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth at Hotel 101 today. It was both a celebration and a recognition of the winner’s representation as ambassadress of Buhay Youth, led by Buhay Party List’s nominees: Von Valdepeñas, Mark Brian Paz, and Xavy Padilla.

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Buhay Party List Nominees: Mark Brian Paz, Von Valdepeñas, and Xavy Padilla

Since its inception, Buhay Party List has been supporting causes that have been close to the heart of its founder, Deputy Speaker Cong. Lito Atienza. When he was Manila Mayor, he and his wife Beng have founded and supported worthwhile causes such as the Hiyas ng Maynila Dance Company which brought young dance talents to the fore, and the Kababaihan ng Maynila which served as a livelihood project for women and have branched out into beautiful hand-crafted crocheted handbags and Parols displayed in Kultura branches of SM.

In Congress, Buhay Party List has championed bills that support the same causes:

·      HB00137
An act imposing stiffer penalties for child abuse, exploitation, and discrimination
(Amending Republic Act 7610)

·      HB01108
An act strengthening the Cultural and Sports Training of Filipino Youth by Reorganizing the DepEd into DECS (Dept. of Education, Culture, and Sports)

·      HB07563
An act creating the Music Development Council of the Philippines

·      HB07622
An act strengthening the conservation and protection of our National Cultural Heritage, thru an enhanced Cultural Policy, Heritage Education, and Cultural Mapping Program

·      HB07757
An act strengthening the national Commission for Culture and the Arts, Its Composition, Functions, Powers, and Mandate

Maureen Wroblewitz
Maureen Wroblewitz

Mr. and Ms. Philippine Youth

Mr. and Ms. Philippine Youth is one of the worthwhile causes that Buhay Party List has sponsored and assisted over the years as part of their tradition of supporting young people to serve as symbols of nationalism and community ideals.

It is the goal of both organizations to provide a platform for young people to get involved and inspired to make a difference in the world around them through service. Both Buhay and Mr. and Ms. Philippine Youth’s goals are for the youth to give back to the community and serve as role model for young adults so that they can grow up inspired and self-assured.

Maureen Wroblewitz: Buhay Youth Ambassador

Maureen Wroblewitz, a Filipino-German actress, beauty queen, and model best known for winning the fifth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, is this year’s Buhay Youth and Mr. & Ms. Philippine Youth Ambassador 2021. She was the first Filipina to win the competition and represent her country. And she’s the first runner-up for Miss Universe 2021. Companies such as Asus and Palmolive both use her as their spokesperson. The ICanServe Foundation, which aids cancer survivors, also counts her as one of its ambassadors.

Buhay Youth

Young people who are a part of the Buhay Youth Program are involved in community change by organizing events that bring together other young people and inspire them to do inspiring things.

The Buhay Youth are encouraged and empowered to inform the public about good values and inspiring stories through various media they use such as blogs and social media. They are also involved in various awareness programs and promote dialogue and interaction with those who are fighting for better education and youth programs in the Philippines, as well as across the United States.

Having Maureen Wroblewitz as the Buhay 2021 Mr. and Ms. Philippine Youth is a huge honor for us all!