Building A Metal Roof Using Tin As The Base Material

Metal Roof | Building A Metal Roof Using Tin As The Base Material | If you reside in a place where weather can prove to be sometimes harsh, then heading towards building a metal roof using tin as the base material will help you out a lot. Corrugated forms of tin roofing panels are quite effective in terms of weather-based deterioration of older roofs. Based on the neighborhood covenants and building codes in the said community you are residing in, you might not be able to put tin roof cover on residential house you reside in the town. However, you can always create a cover as storage shed or even for the smaller outbuilding roof.

The best thing about these tin panels is that you can always install them directly over current roof after attaching some of the nailing boards, also known as purlins. Retrofitting some of those new tin roofs will help you save the tear off labor charges and eliminates any form of roofing waste-based disposal fee.

Materials You Need for It:

If you do not want to waste time calling experts for building a metal roof using tin panels, then you can try working out on it on your own. But first, you must be sure of the materials you need for covering this task. Some of the basic materials, which you must have near hand while focusing on roofing elements are insulation, felt paper, lathing strips, OSB plywood, 30 pounds of the felt paper, metal panels and grove and tongue roof decking. You can get all these spare parts from the nearby roofing or hardware store easily.

Get to Install the Nailing Base:

As for building a metal roof, you can already place the tin panels on top of the existing roof, you have to work your way out for the nailing base first. It helps in providing you with the strong hold which your roof needs to take up pressure of extra tin panels on the top. There are some simple steps to follow for that notion over here.

  • First of all, you need to measure and then cut ¼ treated boards for matching width of current roof. In case, you are about to cover larger barn roof, you might need multiple boards for covering each nailing strip.
  • You can start for building a metal roof at the bottom corner of roof and position that board even with the edge. You can then flush bottom of current roof. Insert two of the 16d nails, spaced evenly and trough new board into the rafter.
  • Later, you might have to install the added boards until you get to reach opposite side of roof for completing first purlin. Then, you have to cut the last board available for fitting circular saw.
  • You can move up by around 30 inches and then install another purlin using same method. Continue adding some more until you reach to the roof ridge.

You can follow the next processes, as you move further with the roof. It is a super easy way to get the tin panels on top of the roof without a fail.

Tips for You to Follow:

While building a metal roof, there is a major tip for you to follow. The overhang right at bottom of tin panels will help in keeping water from running down sides of the structure. So, for better drainage and water protection, you can install down sports and guttering well.

Just be careful while building a metal roof and working with the tin roofing panels. The edges are sharp and you might be prone to septic cuts. Wearing safety gloves and other apparel is the first step to avoid injuries while working.