Effective Methods Of Protecting Yourself And Others From Bushfire Smoke At Home

bush fire home
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Effective Methods Of Protecting Yourself And Others From Bushfire Smoke At Home | The NSW rural fire service reported just over 11,000 bushfires and 5.4 million hectares of land burned. That was between July 2019 and February 2020. In short, bushfires are dangerous and a real risk. But, you probably already know that.

The issue is whether to stay at home or to abandon your home. In many cases, you’ll be directed what to do by the state. But, before the fire reaches your home you may have to contend with something just as dangerous, bushfire smoke. It can disorientate you and even kill you

The good news is there are things you can do to protect your home, yourself, and others from bushfire smoke.

Bushfire Shutters & Blinds

It is possible to fit bushfire windows and shutters. These are specifically designed to be airtight, eliminating the smoke that can get into your home. The windows look like any other modern window and the shutters are enclosed in small boxes which are fitted above the window.

The shutters can be set to operate automatically or at the press of a button. They then smoothly move down across your windows, plunging your house into darkness and keeping the smoke out.

Many of these shutters and windows are also rated to offer you protection against the heat of the fire. This can help you and your home if the fire doesn’t reach you but the smoke does. It can also buy you valuable time if the fire suddenly sweeps toward you.

Ventilation System

The more effectively you seal your home against bushfire smoke the less time you will be able to spend in it. That’s because if your property is airtight you’ll only have the air that is already in your home. The oxygen will run out, the only question is how long it will last.

But, if you fit a ventilation system you won’t have this issue. The system will bring air in through a filter to remove all contaminants. It can then be pushed out via a one-way valve to prevent bushfire smoke from getting into your home.

It’s best to invest in a HEPA filter to ensure the harmful elements of the smoke are removed before it enters your home. 

Face Masks

If you are concerned that smoke may get to you then you should have a supply of high-quality face masks handy. These will have filters built into them and will remove most of the contaminants, allowing you to breathe normally and absorb very little smoke. 

You should note these masks must be properly approved, clothes and even surgical masks offer very little protection from the smoke. 

Be prepared To Move

If you find yourself surrounded by smoke outside or inside your home then you need to be prepared to move. Have an escape plan ready, allowing you to get away from the smoke in the shortest time possible. You may not want to leave your home but it is replaceable, you are not.