How Can Business Organizations Harness the Power of Technology?

by Dan Radak, World Executives Digest |

In this day and age, technology is pivotal to the success of any business. And by that I do not mean just using a mobile phone and computer regularly. The sheer scope of possibilities is so mind-boggling that it puts some less-versed entrepreneurs off.  This, however, is not an option for those who truly mean business. After all, technology enables us to work smarter and do more with less –  we can meet tight deadlines, overcome daily challenges, and stay ahead of the curve.

Technical foundations

Technology is a natural progression for processes and strategies that business organizations employ. The first prerequisite for this transition to take place is a rock-solid hardware infrastructure. The computers must be able to carry the load and accommodate the software needs. Note that buying pre-made systems is not the best course of actions, provided that you possess the necessary understanding of different components.

Plan ahead of time and assess your future needs in terms of storage space and processing power. Purchasing a SSD 500GB can make a huge difference and satisfy the need for speed essential to pros, such as designers. Some businessmen are inclined to go for more RAM and better graphic cards, while others may do with less tech prowess. In any event, one also has to consider technical skills, and whether there is a need for a dedicated IT team.

Soft power

Once you set up the hardware pillars, you can move on to the booming software realm. Namely, there is a plethora of software solutions that streamline daily operations and make manager’s life easier. Project management tools, such as Basecamp, for instance, allow everyone within the company to stay on the same page. With these digital marvels, delegation of tasks and tracking of progress has never been easier.

Furthermore, communication software has changed the rules of the business game. Video conferencing, instant messaging, and other versatile tools allow us to stay in touch with business while on the go, or to perform it from outside the office. Hence, the rise of telecommuting, a prominent trend which lets business owners and managers optimize operations, cut the expenses, and decrease space and equipment requirements.  

Productivity apps are another blessing from the digital heaven. For example, you may use the advantage of time tracking software to optimize your schedule, improve your time management, and get more things done on a daily or weekly basis. Financial apps, on the other hand, give us the possibility to handle invoicing, assemble a sound budget, carry out the accounting, keep track of expenses, file taxes online, etc.

The next level

The list of possibilities goes on and encompasses marketing, customer service, education and learning, and other areas. However, note that this does not come by automatism. One has to develop a deeper understating about these platforms and their functions. Provide training and workshops for management and employees. It should not be too hard to grasp the basics and get the ball rolling.

The obstacles that arise in the transition period are a drop in the bucket compared to the benefits of successful tech usage. What is more, this tech overhaul does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Most feature-packed, renowned software packages have open source and affordable alternatives. Some of the most successful businessmen of our time are smooth operators who own the key to unlocking the full power of modern tech.

A big leap forward

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and businessmen cannot afford to fall behind. It is the cornerstone of not only surviving but also thriving in the competitive market, so strive to ride on the crest of the wave of emerging trends. Lay the groundwork with hardware capacities and technical skills, and build business greatness upon it.  Make your business run like clockwork, leverage limited capital in a more effective way, and reap maximum benefits from the tech surge.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.