How Can a Pair of Headphones Improve Your Day at Work?

Headphones Improve Your Day at Work

Mary Frugante, World Executives DigestDon’t have a big office with a view just for yourself yet? Then you are probably working with a dozen or more employees who are constantly on the phone and talking to each other. This can be very distracting and it can prevent you from doing your job efficiently. One of the ways your combaters are fighting this is by wearing headphones at work. We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t wearing headphones equally distracting as the normal office noise, and isn’t it contradictory to the office etiquette to wear them? Still, bear with us for a while, and we’ll show you a whole set of benefits wearing headphones at workplace brings.

Getting yourself motivated

Being motivated from 9 to 5 isn’t something that is easy for everyone. In fact, there are days when there are more downs than ups at the workplace, and when losing your will to be productive happens too often. Music can help you with that because it is a well-known motivator. Choose a playlist that will prevent you from zoning out and keep you focused throughout the day, and you will minimize these sorts of situations.

Personalizing your workplace

Cubicle farms and open concept offices make it very difficult to get some privacy and to adapt the space to your needs. One of the ways to achieve maximal privacy and personalization without compromising the collaborative environment is to wear a pair of headphones.

Neutralizing the noise

Open concept offices mean that you will hear almost everything your coworkers are talking, and that can be very distracting. It can be really hard to focus on your work when you hear a bunch of different voices around you. Also, if your office isn’t very well insulated, you can probably hear the traffic from the street. Quality AKG headphones can provide you with high-resolution audio and ultimate noise-canceling technology, which can help you with both chatty colleagues and noisy cars.  

Reducing distractions

This type of offices carries a lot of other distractions, besides noise. People are constantly circulating and just calling you to raise your eyes from the keyboard and important documents. Music can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Showing your coworkers you are busy

When your colleagues are circulating, they will often stop by at your desk to ask you a question or to chat with you. While sometimes their remarks will be important, more often than not, they will simply distract you from work for no reason. If you are wearing your headphones while working, you will give them a clear signal you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed.

Improving your attitude

Regardless of how much you like your profession, being at work for half of day isn’t the most fun thing you can do, especially if you are constantly repeating same or similar tasks. It can become very boring and monotonous. This can really affect your attitude and make you dissatisfied with your position. Although good music isn’t a miracle worker, it can still have some positive influence on your mood and help you get through the day much easier.

Proper etiquette for wearing headphones at work

With all that said, it is important to know that it is not always OK to wear headphones at work. Some situations (when there is major work to be done) will require you to tune-in and communicate with your colleagues. Also, you need to keep the volume in check. You don’t want to hear every conversation among your colleagues, but you need to be able to hear when they are trying to communicate with you. Finally, headphones are meant to make it easier for you to work, not to enable you to avoid your coworkers. Therefore, you should wear them at your desk, while you are working, and not when you are walking to the bathroom, kitchen, or any other place where employees are talking to each other.

As you see, a pair of headphones can easily improve your day at work, but it is imperative to know how and when to use them.