Car Service – Because Your Vehicle Needs Care

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Ashley Kinsela, WED |  Car service is a maintenance procedure where each part of your car is checked and repaired. It is cleaned up internally and externally. It is an essential process and helps keep your vehicle in good condition.

Know some reasons why you should go for a servicing after every few months.

  • Get removed, all the dents and scratches on your hard-earned vehicle and makes it look new.
  • Maintains your vehicle and keeps a check on the working of the engine and other parts. It ensures proper working of brakes, clutches, etc. which reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Fuel-efficient vehicle saves your money and also reduces pollutant emission in the air. Regular visit to the mechanic can make your car eco-friendly.
  • At times your car engine can give up in the middle of a journey. This usually happens because of negligence of car owners. To avoid any such scenario visit service centers regularly.
  • Your car tires might need a replacement. Tires are the very important part your automobile, it ensures safe ride. Keep a check at the condition of your tires and replace them whenever needed.
  • If your car is parked in an open area they are exposed to direct sun rays, thus, body of car can get damaged and a car service can be helpful.
  • A car can turn obsolete after a very short period after its purchase if not maintained properly. If kept in good condition the lifespan of the car can be improved.
  • If you are a car freak and keep changing cars often servicing becomes even more important because a high price can be quoted to car in proper condition.

How often should you visit the service center?

It is always recommended to get your car serviced at regular intervals but very few people know understand the importance of car servicing. It is recommended visiting the mechanic once in a year or 12000 miles covered. It is not only dependent upon the distance covered or the passage of time but factors like driving pattern, weather conditions, and geographical location etc. Also, the pattern of usage and the distance covered each day and the weight carried. The need of a car service can rise as the car grows old. The frequency of servicing is also dependent upon the brand and models of the cars. The best way is to go through the manufacturer guidebook. Along with the warranty a few free servicing of the car is also provided.

What is done to your automobile at its servicing?

There are number of steps which are followed at a car service. Let’s understand what happens within the four walls of the garage.

  • Interiors exteriors of the vehicle are cleaned, and all dents are repaired.
  • The parts are well lubricated.
  • The lights are checked and corrected.
  • The tires are inspected and filled if deflated.
  • Car battery is recharged or replaced depending upon the condition of the battery.
  • Proper workings of the wipers are insured and repaired if any.
  • Brakes are checked and replaced as needed because braking systems are one of the most crucial safety measures which must be taken. Brake fluid is changed.
  • Oil filters are changed also air filters are changed.
  • If the car is showing any error code measures are taken to correct that.
  • Replacement of fuel filter is also a part of the car service process.
  • Engine is the main part of a vehicle. Proper working of the engine can ensure proper safe and carefree driving. The engine is taken care off at the process. Engine oil is changed, and every part of the engine is inspected and maintained.

Do not wait for your vehicle to give you signals visit the car doctor on regular intervals and enjoy a carefree free fun drive.