Challenges Faced While Writing an Essay and 8 Steps to Overcome Them

Writing an Essay Ecommerce E-Marketing Trends | Challenges Faced While Writing an Essay and 8 Steps to Overcome Them | Are you short of time to create a winning essay? Do you feel uncertain about your writing skills? Not sure about how to create a great outline for your paper? Does essay formatting make you feel puzzled? 

Well, you are not alone. Every student has been there too. Here are some of the most common challenges that you may face while writing an essay: 

  • lack of time 
  • making citations and formatting in the right way
  • highlighting a topic in a good way 
  • plagiarism 
  • not having a clear outline on how to write your essay
  • editing the paper properly 

A five-paragraph essay is one of the most frequently used formats for an academic paper. However, it’s not easy to write an excellent paper if you cannot outline it properly. 

A good outline is a key element of a successful paper. Without an outline, you won’t be able to give your text a proper direction. For this reason, you should know the tips on how to outline your paper before doing it.

Here is a structure of an average five-paragraph essay:

  1. The introduction with an interesting hook and a thesis statement.
  2. The first argument and evidence to support it.
  3. The second argument and evidence to support it.
  4. The third argument and evidence to support it.
  5. The conclusion that sums up your points.

Below, there are 8 steps that you should follow to overcome the most common challenges. 

Step #1 – Select Your Topic

First of all, you need to know what your topic is. Often, teachers give topics by themselves or at least create some limitations when it comes to choosing a topic. 

Sometimes, however, you are free to choose any topic you want. Selecting a topic, make sure that it meets the requirements of your teacher and doesn’t break any rules. Try to pick a theme that will be interesting for you as you will need to do in-depth research on it. 

Step #2 – Narrow Your Topic

The next step is to make your topic narrow enough for your paper to be interesting and original. 

You should also take a position in relation to your topic. You should argue for or against it. Without taking a position, your paper won’t have a determined direction. Don’t be afraid of expressing your own ideas on the topic. However, always back them with solid arguments. 

Step #3 – Compose Your Thesis Statement

Now, you should think about your thesis statement and write it down. Be very thorough when working on this matter because your thesis statement should be connected to all of your arguments. It is the heart of your essay. 

Step #4 – Create Your Arguments

The most difficult work is to think about arguments that will prove the trueness of your thesis statement. To come up with good arguments, you should do thorough research on your topic.

Step #5 – Support Your Arguments

You should also look for information that will support and protect your arguments. Look for some real facts or opinions of respected specialists related to your topic and arguments.

Step #6 – Compose Your Hook

When your thesis and arguments are ready, you should create a hook that will attract your readers’ attention in the introduction. This may be a provocative question or a famous quote.

Step #7 – Think About Your Conclusion

The last step in your essay outlining is to think about how you will conclude your paper. It’s necessary to sum up all your arguments and state the significance of the work done.

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