Channel Letters 101: Understanding This Signage Option for Your Business

Channel letters | pexels-photo-69206 | Channel Letters 101: Understanding This Signage Option for Your Business | If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior signage at your business, consider channel letters. Read this guide to this signage option for your business.

Storefront signs in Toronto literally need to stand out to be noticed. That’s why you should choose channel letters. They’re the perfect option for signage visibility and memorability, especially when good color combinations and lighting are also put to good use.

Let’s see why channel letter signs are gaining popularity among store owners.

What Is a Channel Letter Sign?

A channel letter sign is made up of individual, three-dimensional letters or graphic elements. Each one has its own structure and its own illumination. The letters or graphic elements themselves are made from aluminum sheeting and acrylic.

Because they are available in a wide variety of fonts, colors, and sizes, channel letters are versatile. You’ll be able to get a sign that matches your brand specifications exactly. That’s a sure way to enhance your brand image and ensure recognition from a distance.

channel letters

How Are Channel Letters Fabricated?

The face, or front part, is cut to shape from colorfast acrylic sheeting about 3/16” thick. A more expensive option for the face is high-quality translucent vinyl or perforated vinyl.

The channel letter face attached to the channel letter “can” comprising the return (sides) and back made of aluminum using extruded plastic referred to as the “trim cap”. The trim cap is eco-friendly and UV stable. It joins the aluminum and acrylic parts together using a liquid bonding agent as a sealant that protects the interior of the channel letter.

The depth of the return can vary and ranges from 3” to 8” for standard front-lit channel letters. In the past, neon tubing was housed inside the aluminum can. These days, LED illumination is used in almost all internally-illuminated channel letters.

The result is significant energy savings. There is a cost-saving too since LED lighting lasts longer than neon tubing. 

Do Channel Letters Have to Have Lighting?

Customers can choose the no-illumination option. Also available is the backlit, or “halo” channel letters option. The best way to decide is to speak to the experts about what kind of lighted channel letter would work best for you. 

Factors to consider include placement of the sign (against the wall or facade of a building or on top of a building) and the need for visibility of the sign at night, or in darker environments. Channel letter sign professionals will be able to tell you which mounting options are best suited to your needs too.

Computer-Aided Precision

The cut-outs of all channel letters and other graphic shapes and elements are computer-generated, which gives the desired precision and uniformity of style and a crisp look.

As to pricing channel letters are normally priced as individual units. Variables channel letter professionals consider when quoting includes letter height, font, stroke thickness, return depth and thickness of aluminum used, mounting used, face color, trim cap color and thickness, and type of illumination.

We recommend that you purchase the best channel letter sign your budget allows. It’s an advertising investment, but one that will last and will get you noticed from afar. For inspiration, check out our blog for other articles related to construction and advertising.