How to Choose the Best Courier for You

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Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ph. D. | world Executives Digest |

Planning to send documents or packages? It’s easy to determine whether you’ll send it by land, air or sea depending on your receiver’s location. But the big question “which is the best courier company to send my package?”

Here are some criteria to consider before you completely turn over your document, parcel or package to the courier:

  1. The credibility of the company. Find out the business status of the courier company which you think is most trustworthy in the city. Ask for reliable information from reputable business magazines or directory of similar nature. This may include also the number of branches in local, national and international countries.
  2. The security of your goods/cargoes/packages. Since you will entrust your goods or package to the courier, you have full confidence in the company that your goods/package will be taken care of until its destination.
  3. The guarantee of the goods/cargoes/packages. Having known well the good reputation of the courier enterprise, you have to make sure that the guarantee terms of good condition of your goods or package is really complied with.
  4. The coverage of insurance for the items/package. Before signing the Way Bill, you have to read carefully the terms and conditions.  Know how much is the coverage of insurance to the declared value of your goods/package, in case of its damage or lost
  5. The linkages or membership/partnership with similar known national and international companies. It is also good to choose your desired courier company that it is a member of national and/or international cargoes shipment.
  6. The cost and fee of freightage. Get information from other courier enterprises how much they charge the goods/package from point of origin to its destination. There are rates and regulations indicated to weigh in your perishable or non-perishable goods/cargoes/package. Understand well the cost of delivery charges (and forfeiture should something unexpected happen).
  7. The mode and duration of travel. If possible, get the fastest, safest and very affordable means of transporting your goods or package to its destination, whether perishable or non-perishable. Make sure that your package or cargo has reached its destination within the duration of time, contact often the courier’s (carrier) office and the receiver’s as well.

2GO Express, the country’s trusted express courier solutions provider, meets all the criteria. This courier company delivers express document, parcel and cargo delivery service, with nationwide reach and catering to over 220 international destinations. With over 1,000 outlets nationwide, 2GO Express provide express delivery service, airline and sea travel ticketing and money remittance service. They have also partnered with the world’s best courier companies making them gain the trust of the country’s’ top businesses.

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