How to Choose a WordPress Theme for your Business Website

wordpress business site

Clarify whether you meant making a new wordpress theme for local business website or making a new website for a business using a local business theme.

There are not many local business focused wordpress theme though there are corporate themes. ofcourse you can customize any theme according to your need using plugin and custom code. But there are few WordPress themes specific for lead generation for local business.

It seems that I ever answered a similar question like how to choose WordPress theme for business.

When using WordPress, you are likely to have started exploring the WordPress themes for your business website. The right WordPress theme can make your website pop, and gives you the inspiration to continue blogging. How to choose a good WordPress theme for your website, you need to consider these things:

  • Make Note of Your Desired Features
  • Identify The Purpose of Your Site
  • Free or Paid?
  • Responsiveness
  • Ease Of Customization
  • Great Support is fundamental
  • Security
  • SEO

WordPress themes for business websites must consider three points to make it successful in ecommerce business growth and generate good amount of revenue.

Commitment to the Theme

Unless you want to keep switching themes every few years (which is getting more complex all the time), this is the big one. Whatever you pick, whether that be some purchased theme, or one custom developed, it will need to be properly supported and updated. Also, it is *very* likely that you’ll want it to keep up with new trends and essential features as time goes on. For e.g. responsive

You’ll want to see how the theme developer has handled this in the past and check into their attitude and priorities around theme development. Do they create a theme, support it for a while, then move on to making another? Or, will they focus on that theme over a long period of time. Similar with a developer custom creating a theme. Will they be around, or do you have the funds to pay for such ongoing development?

It is advisable to think in advance, whether you plan to upload a video to the site or not. If so, choose a suitable WordPress theme for this. For the website on WordPress and free hosting the size of an uploaded video file is very relevant. If the video files are too large, you will need to compress them. It can be done quickly and without quality loss with video converter from Freemake (learn more here). The smaller you videos will be, the faster you’ll be able to upload it, and your audience will be able to watch it even with the slow internet connection. Freemake also provides solutions for editing videos, converting them to other formats and uploading directly to your website or YouTube channel.


How good is the theme in terms of code-quality and speed for your business website? Do the developers know what they are doing in terms of best-practices? How well does the theme seem to integrate with plugins you might want to use (maybe go to the plugin forums and search for that theme name)? Does it load all the bloat of features on pages they aren’t used (I’ve never seen a perfect theme in this regard, but some are way better than others)? How ‘developer friendly’ is it when it comes to modifying the look and functionality?


The closer a theme is to the look you like, the less modification of it (if any) will need to be done for your business website. While I used to look for this first, I don’t any longer. If the above items aren’t in place before you get to the look, it simply isn’t a theme worth considering anyway. Even if the theme is being custom developed, much of the above is crucial to your long-term use of the theme.

When looking for a mobile friendly & good WordPress theme, you should check if it has a responsive design. You know, a fully responsive theme automatically adapts its layout according to the screen size and device its being viewing on to provide an optimized reading experience. It doesn’t matter if a visitor is coming to your website on a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone your website will be fully functional and look fantastic.

Making a website using a wordpress theme is easy. beautification of the pages ,posts and image headers will take some time if content is given. ideally one week for overall delivery. from order date to delivery one week. payment 3 weeks. overall 1 month. some clients purposefully drag.

Finally, you can try doing this all yourself with the question of how to choose a wordpress theme for business, but I’d strongly suggest hiring a developer or at least someone who can consult for you on the process. Setting up the site you describe would be fairly easy for someone familiar with WordPress and web development, but would probably be really challenging for someone new to WordPress and/or webdev.

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