Construction Management: 6 Onsite Construction Project Essentials You Should Know

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Image: | You have a project coming up. You think you have everything needed for your onsite construction project, but, do you? Sometimes we think we have everything we need, only to find out later, that we should have included this or that. This content is meant to educate you on six specific essentials your site needs to move forward, keeping everyone’s safety concerns in mind. 

  1. The Backhoe Loader

Do you have one? Some like to call it the “JCB”. You cannot have a construction site and project without one. They can be used for everything from transporting goods to digging in the dirt. 

They can also be used for landscaping and other paving needs. What happens when the area is wet? You will need to include something that helps reduce the impacts of wet ground while making sure that the project is completed on time. That is why you need a posi track hire. You need to factor one into your budget if you have not already. You are going to come across days(maybe even nights), when the weather is wet and foggy. You will be glad you have one when it does. 

2) Safety Concerns Via A Manual

Did you go over every safety issue and concern that might arise with your staff and crew? You need to. There are going to be injuries that need to be taken care of if. You need to know how to handle those issues when they arise. Failure to do that could result in the project being delayed, at least one worker needing medical attention, or both. 

You do not want that to happen. Go over everything with your staff before any project begins. Invest in medical supplies too, such as band-aids or a first-aid kit.

3) Generators

They are not just for power outages at home. You will need at least one for your construction site projects. What happens when the power goes out, and do not kid yourself, the power will go out at some point. 

You will need something to keep everything moving, even if you only get a small window. A generator will power your supplies back up. It will also allow you to keep doing some of the smaller jobs until the power is up and running completely. 

4) The Payroll

Construction sites get expensive, particularly, the bigger projects. That takes money, which is why you need to have the right software programs. You need a program that will manage everything, including your payroll and expenditures. 

Make sure that money is coming as well as going out. In other words, you need cash flow to keep your site running while a project is either delayed or taking longer than expected. You cannot have more money going out than in. That is bad business.

You also need to take care of your employees, financially. Your payroll department needs to address issues like medical needs, regular and overtime pay, bonuses, and other financial aspects. 

The Bottom Line

There is no way you can optimize your site without optimizing your methods. Every choice counts in value.