Construction Site Injuries: How they Affect the Business and How to Keep them to a Minimum

Construction Site Injuries

Unfortunate as it is, construction sites in the US – or anywhere else in the world for that matter – are never completely safe. Nonetheless, they can definitely be made safer by implementing better and more modern safety measures. Given that ensuring safety for employees is both a legal as well as a moral duty of the employer, taking the necessary steps to further it is a must, but it also affects the construction business directly. Let’s now take a look at several factors which will help in understanding the need for enhanced construction site safety from a business perspective.

Productivity and Efficiency is Lost Immediately After and Following an Accident

Construction site injuries to one or multiple employees will lead to an immediate dip in productivity, which will likely continue for a while. In worst case scenarios, the entire project might be shut down by the authorities if they find the employer to be at fault. For example, someone falling from an elevated position and getting severely injured, or worse at a construction site, is not uncommon and will often result in lawsuits from the injured personnel or the next of kin. Consequent union strikes or even a severe dip in employee morale will affect the productivity, quality, and speed of the project.

How Can You Prevent Falls at Your Construction Site?

Fortunately, falls from an elevated platform are one of those accidents which can be prevented by investing in updated fall protection gear. Harness Land fall protection and safety gear are always manufactured with the latest and the safest technology available and, therefore, they are capable of supplying fall protection equipment that will reduce, if not completely eliminate the chances of an employee falling and getting injured at one of your construction sites. Replace all your old lanyards with double self-retracting lanyards (SRL) from Harness Land’s huge collection of protection gear, and you have already taken a significant step towards preventing the loss of productivity, money, efficiency, employee morale, and reputation at the same time.

Legal Compliance Must be Enforced with Strict Administrative Steps

Being compliant with all the state and federal regulations is a must and if you are in the construction business, you probably know them well enough, so there is no point in stating the obvious. It is unfortunate that employers often fail to understand the necessity of implementing those mandatory safety measures on the workers with strict administrative measures.

Take every precaution you can to prevent your employees from getting injured and fining them or even firing them after multiple failures to comply with company regulations is a protective step as well. If workers do not understand or maintain the safety regulations put into place for their own wellbeing, it must either be implemented with strict administrative measures or by excluding the defiant employees on the ground of protecting their own safety.

If you own a construction business, it never hurts to keep yourself and your managers updated with the latest happenings and changes in the industry, which includes staying updated with the changing government protocols and the available technology to make the business safer, more productive, and profitable.