Coolest Car Wraps: 5 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap | Coolest Car Wraps: 5 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap | It’s important to know your market before choosing a vehicle wrap. Keep reading for coolest car wraps: 5 key tips for choosing the right vehicle wrap.

The coolest car wraps out there follow some of the most basic principles of design. Why? Because it works!

A vehicle wrap is a great way to spread your message around town and let people know you’re out there. If you’re considering wrapping your vehicle there are a few key things you need to know in order to make the biggest impact.

So before you go ahead and wrap your ride, read these tips to learn how to stand out and reach your target audience.

The Coolest Car Wraps Go Bold

Driving down the road at highway speeds can often be an overwhelming sensory experience. Between oncoming traffic, road signs, and other advertisements there is a lot of visual information to constantly take in and process. 

Viewers of your car wrap often only have seconds to take in your message as they drive by in their cars. Make sure your image is big and bold so that it can be seen from a distance. 

The best car vinyl wrap will have a bold image that immediately sends your message to potential customers. Don’t shy away from bright vehicle wrap colors as they will help you stand out amongst all of the visual noise.

Use Creative Graphics and Illustrations

The human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text. Take advantage of it! The best vinyl wrap for cars will utilize images over text as the message will be received much faster. 

Exciting graphics stand out and are more memorable than written messages, so show your creative side.

Consider the Finished Look 

You’ll want your car wrap to make the same impact on viewers from every angle. Consider how your vehicle will look when it is stopped in traffic, or parked in front of your business or home. 

Opening a door or window of the vehicle will partially obscure the graphic, so check to make sure that doing so does not create a new undesirable image. 

Stay on Brand

The best vehicle wraps are ones that stay true to your brand image. You’ve worked hard to build it, and a car wrap is a chance to enforce it. Choose fonts, graphics, and colors that align with your business’s brand image. 

If you haven’t already, hire a professional designer who specializes in branding to create designs that will reach your target market. 

Less Is More

Keep your vehicle wrap design simple. Too many fancy fonts, words, colors, or images can be overwhelming and detract from your overall message. Your wrap should be eye-catching, not an eye-sore. 

There are vehicle wrap design templates out there to help with this principle of good design. 

Think You’re Ready to Wrap Your Vehicle?

Wrapping a vehicle is a great way to reach new customers. Remember that the coolest car wraps keep it simple and use bold images that stay on brand. 

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