What Corporate Image Is and Why It Matters

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Mitzi Ilagan, World Executives Digest | Corporate image comes from the words itself. It refers to a company’s reputation, how others view your organization. It is what a person thinks about upon hearing your brand.

Corporate image is usually associated with large organizations or businesses. In comparison to a woman, a corporate image refers to how she dresses up for a formal event, how and what she speaks, or how she moves around in public.

How to Come Up With a Corporate Image

To create an effective corporate image, here are elements to consider:

  1. Company Identity

Your company must have a name, logo, slogan, and distinguished colors to be able to stand out from the rest.

  1. Mission/Vision

Your company and its people must have and know what the company does or what services you offer, who your target audience is, what your company goals are, and what makes your company different from your competitors.

  1. Promotion

The elements mentioned above must be known to the public through proper communication. Be visible and let the people positively know about you.

Once you’ve made your corporate image known, you should protect it, enhance it constantly, and maintain its positive standing. In case negative issues come up, don’t try to hide it. Instead, convert it into something of the opposite.

One of the Keys to Success

Even when your company continuously experience success throughout the years, you should still take care of your corporate image.

This would say how the world thinks about you, so might as well protect it. If you do, then the rest would follow. If you’re a clothing company with a positive image towards your target audience, then you could expect support from them through a boost in sales, or maybe, expect lots of positive reviews all over social media, which could eventually lead to sales, too.

If you don’t create a corporate image, then others would do it for you. Your competitors could create an impact on your name to make them more favorable if you won’t do it yourself.

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