Custom Designs for Kitchen

Custom Designs for Kitchen
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WED | Custom Designs for Kitchen | A kitchen is an integral any of a house. Used mainly for cooking and dining, it is where families get together to chit chat and discuss their day. The kitchen is the heart of any home. Anybody who is building a house or renovating their home would want the kitchen to have the perfect look. Whether you are an excellent cook or not, you would want your kitchen to be fully loaded with all the essentials and it should be a comfortable and pleasant place to work in.

A kitchen is generally equipped with a cooking section including burner/stove, sink, cupboards, racks, exhaust chimneys, ventilation window, utensils, cooking tools, microwave, refrigerator and a dining table. All these things should be perfectly arranged in the kitchen to make it attractive and comfortable, at the same time. Apart from the basic accessories, things like colour themes, floor tiles, lighting options and other decorative items play an important part in beautifying your kitchen.

Before choosing the perfect design for the kitchen, the owner needs to consider a few things. The kitchen should have enough space to store the basic equipment so that there is more space to move around. All the utensils and appliances should be selected according to their use and you should avoid unnecessary stuff in kitchen. The other important thing is the selection of colours. Colours should be bright and should match the other fixings in the kitchen such as the flooring, cupboard panels etc.

The flooring of the kitchen should be done according to the colour theme used in the kitchen. The design and colour of tiles should be chosen considering the over-all theme of the kitchen. Fixings like cupboards and racks should also match the overall appearance of the kitchen. The furniture such as dining tables and chairs are available in various shapes and formats, suitable for all kitchen types.

If you are looking to custom design your kitchen, then you need to understand that there are several factors responsible for the overall design of the kitchen.

  • Colour Themes and Texture: kitchens can be totally modified into any desired theme by the appropriate selection of colour theme and textures. Traditional colour themes generally have dark brown colours and wooden textures which provide a uniform traditional look to kitchen. Painting the kitchen walls a brilliant green colour gives a fresh and pleasant overall appearance. Dark colour themes are suitable for open-type kitchens.
  • Floor Tiles: Various types of floor tiles such as porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles are available for kitchen flooring. One can choose stone tiles if you want a traditional look for your kitchen. Marble tiles can be added for modern looking kitchens. Dark coloured ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used for flooring for dark theme kitchens. Tiles that are water-resistant and spill-resistant should be preferred for kitchen flooring.
  • Dining Tables and Chairs: Wooden dining tables are quite suitable for kitchens with an antique and dark theme. One can also consider installing a space saving foldable dining table which can save a lot of space in smaller kitchens. These are quite compact, and they look good too. A smarter, more angular set of dining table and chairs can be preferred for a modern kitchen. Have a look at these kinds of dining chairs by visiting as they provide a wide range of chairs with lifetime warranties.
  • Windows and Ventilation: This is an important aspect of the kitchen and need to be kept in mind while the kitchen is being planned. Small windows look attractive in kitchens with a lighter theme. Large windows add more beauty to traditional themed kitchens. Split door and slide door windows have to be chosen according to personal preferences. Exhaust chimney should be placed correctly above the cooking section. Various types of chimneys are available and can be installed according to the kitchen type.
  • Kitchen Fixtures: It is your choice whether you chose to have more of an open kitchen with shelves or you want to install cupboards to cover those shelves. Modern kitchens have a number of storage options such as pull-out drawers, pull-out shelves, spice racks etc. Everything can be customised as per your choice and comfort. Even appliances such as microwaves, ovens, mixers etc. come pre-installed with hidden wiring etc.
  • Lighting Options: The lighting can be selected as per the theme of your kitchen. Make sure to keep your kitchen bright and well-lit. You can go for hidden, LED lights or you can go for lights with lampshades etc. The choice is yours, depending on the look you want for your kitchen.

There are numerous design options available for designing your kitchen in the most economical and convenient way. Your kitchen can be customised as per your choice. Make sure it is a comfortable space where you enjoy spending time.