CWS Party-List embodies True Public Service at its Finest

CWS Party-List
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CWS Party-List or the Construction Workers Solidarity Party-List: True Public Service | The Philippines’ political innovation through a party-list system began in 1987 which allowed a broader representation in the national legislature. The constitution is a by-product of the late former Philippine president, Ferdinand Marcos which promotes a non-violent and popular uprising which is known as People Power. Our country’s constitution provides a democratic Party-List representation in the House of Representatives.

The representation of a party-list cannot be taken lightly, as they have a huge contribution to our national government. Collectively, the existence of party-list groups can exercise their power, and one-fifth of the House of Representative members are governed by the constitution to come from different party-list groups. The different organizations’ aims and advocacies range from promoting the workers’ welfares to helping poor Filipino families, and from the empowerment of the young generation to aiding the elders.

The social media platforms amidst the continuous battle against Covid-19 have been the primary source of information and communication for the majority. The general public especially the low-income class is searching and asking for the support of the organization and political leaders that they have voted for during the last electoral process in the country. Among these reliable party-list groups is CWS Party-List or Construction Workers Solidarity Party-List.

Construction Workers Solidarity Party-List was formed due to its leaders’ aim to assist and protect the workers in the construction industry by making sure that they are treated equally and their needs are addressed and met by their employers and the government that covers all concerns related to the construction industry.  

Numerous laborers and construction workers were stranded at the construction sites and their barracks during the lockdown by the order of President Duterte. A vast majority of them were affected by lockdowns of which most of which came from provinces and were restricted to go home due to our national leader’s mandatory to stay within the safety of the four corners of our homes. Since the pandemic started, locales have limited support from the government which is also due to budget constraints.

As a working Filipino, a construction worker is among the working individuals with no work, no pay in the country and they have the toughest job we all knew. Some of these workers sleep in the cold floors of their barracks with cartons that serve as their cover to at least lessen the feeling of comfortability of the cold and hard cemented flooring, with no fans, and even no television. But the most common sacrifice that most of them encounter is the homesickness of being away from their families especially during times of uncertainty like the global pandemic.  In comparison to office workers, they have to be physically present at their work and sacrifice to be away from their families to have some food served on their tables. But the good news is the presence of a party-list like CWS has been actively catering to the concerns of construction workers in the country. With the continuous effort and dedication of Congressman Romeo Momo and his team, immediate relief has been extended to the poor laborers of a construction company.  

Congressman Romeo Momo is currently serving as a congressman representing the Construction Workers’ Solidarity (CWS) Party-list. He has served the national government as an undersecretary of DPWH prior to his stint in CWS Partylist, in which doing public service is among his motivational factors in choosing to serve the country.

At the height of the lockdowns, CWS Party-listed assisted construction workers covering the areas of  Tanza and Imus in Cavite, Ugong, Valenzuela City; Las Pinas City; Malate, Manila; Tabacalera, Pateros; Quirino Highway in Quezon City; Daan Tubo in UP Diliman Campus; Bangkal in the city of Makati, Guerilla Street in Marikina City, Cagayan De Oro City , and those who are stranded between Grand Westside Hotel, Solaire and Okada. The CWS Partylist is actively seeking and providing ways on how to extend their assistance in any given situation, especially to the hard laborers who treat the whole calendar year as their regular workdays.

With the continuous build build build program of the national government that became the centerpiece of the Duterte’s Administration program in the improvement of the country’s infrastructures, it has created not only thousands of local job opportunities for Filipinos but also became a chance to turn the spotlight to the construction workers and their family’s needs and protection.

With the national government’s build build build project, Construction Workers Solidarity Party-List or CWS Party-List will be more active in assuring the welfare of the skilled construction workers in the Philippines who have been the underprivileged class since decades ago. | CWS Party-List embodies True Public Service at its Finest
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