Data Ladder reviews: Let’s Make a wise choice for your data cleansing toolkit


Raven Loader, World Executives Digest |  Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Data Ladder is a macro data quality tools company whose software is widely used by business and Information Technology (IT) users. The company helps its users to extract all the benefits out of their records through information enrichment, non-replication, outlining and matching tools. Initiating from the use of semantic technology for the transformation of record to the matching of innumerable records through a fuzzy matching algorithm, Data Ladder is efficient in everything.

As the unique service provider company, it helps business users across the globe to administer their record effectively with its potent and user-friendly software to make an immense profit.

In accordance with the Data Ladder Reviews from 15 different studies, it has been concluded that the company’s potential software suite, Data Matching Enterprise is efficient enough to find just about 5-12% more matches than the leading software enterprises.

A diverse range of software products is presented by the company for its extensive use which has made Record Cleansing and matching an easier task.

Data Cleansing Pro:

In the year of 2017, the company launched a comprehensive toolkit called Data Match for standardisation, non-replication and fuzzy match of information.

This toolkit is a pro in recognizing facsimile and matching record. It de-duplicates them and also provides you with the visual reports.

It also comprises of multiple address libraries which contain all the possible details of the customers. Nearly 1 million records are there in its store.

Data Match Enterprise:

This is a widely used product in the record Cleansing industry which comes with the enterprise potential for cleansing information and fuzzy matching records.

This software ensures the availability of the fastest record matching property.

It is capable of matching up to 100 million records in the blink of an eye.

In comparison with the products of leading software companies, this product from Data Ladder provides you with highest industry accuracy and speed.

Its server edition is efficient in handling the complex search inconvenience like, missing letters, superfluous words, incorrect fielding of data sets, incomplete words, and incorrect or missing punctuation.

Benefits of using the toolkit

  • The software has the unique capability in the tolerance of error.
  • Not only is it user-friendly but it also easily manageable.
  • It has the ability to integrate impeccably within the system database.
  • It provides you with uninterrupted updates and real-time indexing.
  • Irrespective of incomplete database, the Data Match Enterprise server provides you with the correct information
  • With the help of any kind of structured record, this software can establish right connections.
  • This software toolkit is able to work through frequent issues like spelling errors and dismissal in a huge database.
  • Efficient in providing augmented record by the addition of up advanced demographic data and geocodes.
  • User privacy is ensured with the on premise solution.
  • The addresses stored in Oracle, SQL, dBase, Excel, ODBC and SQL server can also be corrected

The Data Match Enterprise toolkit, thus, cleans your database more swiftly and effectively by providing the right ingredient.

Product Match:

The Product Match software kit is helpful in cleansing and administering product record of the users with ease and efficiency. Unstructured record carries with it a lot of ambiguity which makes it unmanageable. This toolkit structures your unstructured information, manages the quality of the record, integrates the information and carries out the statistics governance tasks. The software is easy to be used by the first time users who are not well-acquainted with the data quality tools.

The semantic technology employed by Product Match is able to identify and change complex and knotty records from multiple sources. The integration of information is made more efficient by use of the contextual recognition tools.

The use of this toolkit is seen to have reduced outsourced services to nearly 80%, therefore, saving a huge amount.  In accordance with the Data Ladder Reviews, it has been realised that with the improvisation of product categorization and standardisation of product the online conversions can be increased by 18%.

Services offered by the company

The exceptional Data Cleansing software company assures and helps its users to receive most of the benefits from their statistics by non-replicating, profiling, matching and enriching them.

The company also provides you with Advisory, Implementation and Training services accompanied with Tailored Programs.

Talk about the adoption of your business with increased speed or ask for ongoing assistance with the implementation and governance tasks of your business, the company is always at your service.

The experts in the company guide you through statistical quality programs to improve your business. Right from the establishment of your business to its execution, you can always expect their assistance.

The training provided by the software toolkit company is for the users of all level so that they can learn the skills of managing governance within a business model.

Keeping pace with the requirements and specifications of a business model this company modifies a customised program because every business is not the same.

They also provide quality solutions for comprehensive information such as:

  • Cleansing of records
  • Reports followed by its analysis
  • Efficiency in mining of complex records
  • Non-replication of statistics
  • Standardisation of records
  • Address verification of customers
  • Training and consultation
  • Linking of information

More Data Ladder Reviews:

After using the products of the company, innumerable part records of a business organisation could be reduced from 6, 50, 000 to just 50, 000.

A considerable amount of time can be saved by using the revolutionary products which can match 95% of the record in a database in less than an hour.

Irrespective of you being a Marketing Director, assembling information for a product launch or a manager of catalogues retaining a huge amount of records, the products of this company would impeccably manage and integrate all your statistics in no time.

A normally complicated task is automated by the robust semantic technology of the products.

This software company, therefore, enables you to handle huge statistical tasks within a very short time. So, go easy on your data cleansing with the help of the products of this exceptional software toolkit company.