Decoration tactics for your office this festive season

festive season

Festive decorations are a great way for organizations to get themselves into the Christmas spirit. Depending on how flexible your office environment is, your team is either going to get it right or wrong. 

There are several reasons as to why employees should bring a bit of sparkle into the workplace. The festive season is a chance to transform the office into a Christmas wonderland and to get as creative as possible. It also boosts productivity and gives the staff an opportunity to dive into something more exciting than their daily tasks. 

There are plenty of ways in which you can adorn your office environment. From adopting pastel and neutral color schemes to having a pinch of green, available options are not limited and can be implemented by any dedicated team. 

Below are some decorative tactics that you can use for your office this festive season: 

  • Adding some green

Bring nature into the workplace by adding a few trees. Studies have shown that this increases productivity by up to 15%. For the festive season, find a place within the office that has less traffic and use it to place your Christmas tree. Use ornaments, lights, and office supplies such as highlighters to fill up the tree. A real tree will purify the air and lighten up the general mood during Christmas. Once it’s well-decorated, stack presents and gifts for your colleagues to complete the picture. Consider bringing in other plants such as pine, holly, and fir. 

  • Furniture and seating

Choose Fast Office Furniture Brisbane that blends in with the overall office décor. If you’d like to do a bit extra, develop ergonomic and customized furniture that brings out earthy and natural colors. Bright and upbeat options are also viable and can play a huge role in helping the seating space stand out. 

  • Stockings 

Pinup stockings around the office for team and staff members with gifts inside. This can be done a few days leading to Christmas. They could hold small gifts such as notepads, staples, stress-reliever toys, pens, and trinkets. Have the names of your colleagues pinned up as well if you wish. You could opt to have these stockings placed in one central area where everyone can access them or lined up along the windowsills. Where space is limited, consider a peg shelf which provides convenience.  

  • Garlands 

Keep things interesting and vibrant by putting a garland on the wall above your desk. If you’d like it closer, consider running it along with your cubicle. Other areas that could work well include around the wastebasket, coat rack, and floor lamp. Garlands are a simple and eye-catching option that provides the festive flair without having a lot of items around. They also make it easy to take everything down at the end come to New Year. 

  • Christmas lights 

Some colored bulbs can bring out the festive picture perfectly at the office. If your office environment prefers a subtle glow, consider plain white bulbs. These provide a warm environment and bring out the excitement without much effort. String lights are flexible and are available in different lengths. They can also be plugged in just about anywhere within the workplace. If you’d like to have a twinkly environment, buy bulbs that light on and off intermittently. Don’t forget to switch them off once you’re out of the office. They can become a fire hazard when forgotten. 

  • Winter wonderland

To stimulate snowfall on your desk and office, place a few cotton rolls where desired. You can do the same for nearby shelves, filing cabinets, and tables. Consider getting a shake of glitter to have faux snow. Complete the picture with a snowman made from printer paper. The best place to start is at the cubicle. This is where people spend most of their time at work, Small winter wonderlands would blend great with posters, colorful stationery, and motivational quotes placed on the desks. 

  • Hanging ornaments 

Another great tactic that would help lighten up the office this festive season would be to have paper snowflakes and ornaments hanging from overhead around the office. The falling effect camouflages well with the fluorescent lighting. Ensure that the hangings do not hang too low and become a distraction. If your office is covered with ceiling tiles, tuck the hangings underneath to secure them. If not, use clear tape to secure the thread. 

  • Have snacks 

Set out bowls of colorful treats and candies that you and your colleagues can have at any time of the day. Popular holiday confectionaries include cookies, chocolate-frosted Chex Mix, and peppermint. In some parts of the world, oranges are a healthy alternative and are part of the Christmas tradition. Going the food route is one of the best ways to make your colleagues happy and lighten the overall mood.