Designing a Small yet Stylish Bachelor Pad

Stylish Bachelor Pad

WorldExecutivesDigest.comWhat’s the first thing when you hear the words “bachelor pad”? They probably evoke images of old armchairs in front of a huge TV and a fully stocked bar next to it. However, more and more men are not comfortable living in such environments and are not willing to spend their single years in a shabby pad. So, if your standards are a bit higher, here are a few ideas that will help you design a small yet stylish bachelor pad.

Keep your colors simple

If you’re new to interior design, you don’t need to go big and crazy with colors and patterns. In order to create a modern and comfortable space, you can opt for two or three shades of neutral colors. For some animation to your space, you can add a few accents in red or blue which are stylish yet masculine and easy to find.

Add some leather

While leather sofas can look very cheap in a bachelor pad, don’t write this material off right away. There’s a good way to pull off leather in your apartment. For instance, you can ditch that cheap three-seater and opt for a classy Winchester sofa that will always look elegant, especially when slightly distressed. You can also opt for a leather coffee table that will have a practical use, but also serve as an interesting focal piece. Or, you can put a twist on your fabric sofa and enrich it with some leather pillows.

Play with geometry

Bring some energy to your space with geometric accents. Since geometry is very popular today, you’ll have no issues finding details that fit your space. For instance, you can grab a soft geometric rug or grab a few geometric throw pillows. These will look very stylish yet masculine in your space. If you want to go a bit bolder with your apartment design, you can turn to your ceilings and walls. Geometric ceiling and wall designs are a great way to express your creativity and give your space an edge.

Introduce a few vintage pieces

Do you want to evoke that elegant Mad Men vibe in your pad? Well, you’ll need a few vintage pieces, so think a timeless Eames lounger or grab a cool Jukebox. Or, if you want to always be ready to celebrate your successes, invest in a fully-stocked bar cart. Don’t forget to supply it with plenty of quality alcohol and some mixers for cocktails. Luckily, today you can grab top-shelf gin online and always have everything ready to mix the best drinks for you, your buddies and your special guests. A good gin and tonic can make every evening a lot better!

Don’t sacrifice entertainment

Just because you’ve decided to take the more elegant route with your bachelor pad, it doesn’t mean you can’t have that super cool TV and your PS4. So, make sure to create a good entertainment corner where you can watch the game or play Mortal Kombat with guys. However, you can still make your tech corner smooth, sleek and classy by going wireless, mounting your TV and coming up with good placement. If there are some cables you can’t ditch, make sure you hide them with appropriate means.

Showcase some art

You don’t have to be an expert to introduce some art into your home, but just know that every room deserves some type of art. Just hit your local art gallery and invest in a few pieces you like. Or, you can take a thrifty route and by second-hand art that’s just as beautiful. This is a perfect chance to show off your interests and your personality while giving your place that grown-up and mature vibe.

With these few design ideas, you’ll manage to give your apartment a beautiful look and make it perfectly comfortable. You’ll definitely be proud to entertain in your new bachelor pad!