Developing a Mobile App for Your Startup? 6 Mistakes to Strictly Avoid in 2017

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Now, it becomes a lot easy to develop a mobile application for your startup, though developing a perfect one is quite challenging that requires lots of dedication.

Do you know a smallest mistake can also ruin your app? Startups need to ensure that their app development process doesn’t make any mistake otherwise it can risk hard-earned money and loss of valuable time.

Gradually, the mobile app development industry is expanding day-by-day, and you can see there are lots of best applications that perform well. Many app developers are there, who may unintentionally end-up making some small mistakes in the process of developing a high-end application that eventually leads to complexities.

It is highly important to avoid these mistakes strictly in 2017 and make your application successful. To avoid the mistakes, you should know what these common mistakes are.

Six Mistakes Startups Should Avoid While Developing a Mobile App in 2017

Including As Many Features As You Want

While developing a mobile app for your startup, you should not try to include as many features as you want. If you will try to include enormous features in the app, it will confuse your users.

So, before you develop all the features and functionalities that you have in your mind, make sure to start with least possible features to test the core features. Before, you start developing a full-fledged app, you can begin with developing Minimum Viable Product. Do not try to rush maximum number of features and launch buggy app to confuse your users.

Not Giving Importance to User Experience

Being a startup, you are developing an application that made for users; therefore, user experience plays the important role as it determines the success or failure of an application. With different seminars, annual events and conferences, you can get help over the common topic.

However, adding developers often fail to place sufficient emphasis on this essential factor and intuitive design. You also make sure that before finalizing an application, you can run usability or user acceptance testing for various times to check how it works on the mobile platform.

By this way, you can get more understanding of user experience and persona. You should also wireframe the whole designing process so that you can make sure that this process works smooth.

Not Testing the App Severely Before Launch

Testing an application is the most important factor in the app development process and in case, if you will not test your application, you can’t launch it as it has lots of bugs or errors. It is essential to try and test it completely by the professionals to make it bug and error free.

Moreover, in the development contract, you can comprise the testing cost or before starting the development, you should ensure that the development cost includes the through testing of an app. Further, you can make use of app analytics tool like Google’s Universal Analytics so that you can know how your app is performing.

Skip Including Analytics

At the time of launching a website, all the businesses consider Google Analytics tool, but they skip this step while launching a mobile application. Startups need to ensure that they never launch an app without any analytics.

When you launch your application, you can use an analytics service like Flurry so that you can make data driven decisions about the content, user experience and design of the app. Retention rate, app crashes, daily active users, app engagement and more are some of the important metrics about the mobile application to measure.

With the help of Flurry Analytics, a lot of providers and startups of different industries have gained huge insight into users’ habit. Such type of data can help you to deliver better services to your users.

Your App Will Not Sell Itself

It doesn’t matter how cheerful you are about launching your application, when you are launching it in the market, you are introducing it in the sea of thousands of competitors. However, if you don’t have any plan to boost visibility, you have a risk of having it disappear altogether.

It is also important that you understand your audience before you start with the marketing efforts. Whether you are targeting for a broader market or a small niche, you make sure your app identifies issues that affect the market and then you can design your app to resolve those issues. Xyologic and Google Trends are some of the tools that can be used to identify trends and consumer demand.

Cloning Others’ App and Its Features

Many a time, you clone other’s applications and features, so you should not make a same or direct copy to features from the other application. It is good to check other’s application and take some idea, but copying all the features and cloning like it will not work. Avoid copying features can make your successful.

So, these are the six mistakes that you should avoid while developing a mobile application as these mistakes can ruin your application. However, you can also hire a mobile app development company that has years of experience in developing a high-end mobile app with enormous features.