Discover How Your  Burglar Alarm Works & Why You Need One

Discover How Your Burglar Alarm Works & Why You Need One | Discover How Your  Burglar Alarm Works & Why You Need One | A burglar alarm should be an essential purchase if you own your home. It doesn’t matter where you live or how many high-value possessions you have. Being burgled is more than just losing some of your possessions. It’s an invasion of privacy and your personal space, the psychological effects can linger long after the burglary.

Of course, there are an array of different burglar alarms on the market, that can make it difficult to choose the right one. However, you should seriously consider choosing commercial alarm systems instead of a domestic one. 

This may seem extreme but the benefits of a commercial system are significant.

How The Burglar Alarm Works

The specifics of your alarm system will depend on the manufacturer and how expansive the system is that you chose. 

However, the basic premise is the same for all systems. The alarm has a chipboard inside it which is linked to an array of sensors. The sensors can be movement-based, fastened to doors and windows to detect movement of breakage, or they may be responsive to light. Of course, light-reactive ones will be connected to an array of outside lights.

When the sensor detects something it transmits a signal to the alarm chipboard. This then triggers the alarm.

However, modern alarm systems are more sophisticated than just a loud noise. The alarm can be linked to an app or to the emergency services, or both. This will trigger an emergency response unless you tell them everything is okay.

Via the app you’ll be able to look at the cameras positioned in and around your home, making sure everything is okay even if you’re not at home.

Modern alarms have their own power system which is protected, preventing a burglar from simply cutting the power to the alarm. In fact, cutting the power supply will usually trigger the alarm.

Why You Need An Alarm

The most obvious reason is as a deterrent to potential burglars. But, a burglar alarm can also offer smart connectivity, as demonstrated by your ability to connect with it on an app.

This allows them to be connected to smoke detectors and many of the other systems in your home. This, the burglar alarm becomes more than just something to keep unwanted people out. A good burglar alarm will help to protect your home against an array of threats. Most importantly, you’ll be able to connect to the system and check what the situation is.

That’s useful if you’re home alone, think the house is on fire, or someone is trying to break-in while you’re on the other side of the planet! You don’t need to hire personal security guards any more!

Getting the right security system means verifying the reputation of your chosen supplier and having the system professionally installed. It also means creating a secure user name and password to ensure no one can hack into your system and turn your alarm off without you knowing.