Do Night-Only Aligners Work Like Normal Invisible Aligners?

Do Night-Only Aligners Work Like Normal Invisible Aligners?

WorldExecutivesDigest | Do Night-Only Aligners Work Like Normal Invisible Aligners? | Many people choose invisible aligners because they offer to perfect your teeth’s appearance with fewer disadvantages than traditional braces. However, you may feel as if the all-day wearing of aligners still interferes with your lifestyle too much. Maybe you are considering night-only aligners as a more convenient alternative. How can you know whether a night-only appliance will give you similar or equal results to a regular aligner?

Are Night-Only Aligners Made the Same?

Invisible teeth aligners are formed using a hard plastic that is especially suited for the purpose, and they are based on precise molds of your upper and lower teeth. Night only braces are made from a similar type of material using more or less the same manufacturing process, although night-only aligners may be slightly thicker. Like all-day aligners, nighttime aligners are also based on moulds of your teeth and designed with gradual changes that can correct your teeth’s positioning.

Do Night-Only Aligners Work the Same?

Invisible aligners are made in a series that includes small changes from aligner to aligner, and these changes will eventually move your teeth into the desired locations. Regular aligners for all-day wear and night-time only aligners both work this way. You will switch from one aligner to another as your treatment progresses; the difference is in how long you will have to wear night-time only aligners versus the usual kind.

Do Night-Only Aligners Fit and Feel the Same?

As mentioned earlier, normal invisible aligners and the night-only versions are made from moulds of your mouth, so they will generally feel the same on your teeth. It is possible that you will actually find the feeling of wearing night-only aligners less bothersome, if only because you will be asleep for most of the time that you wear them! You will want to pay special attention to any discomfort of apparent injury that you notice upon waking up after wearing your night aligners, as sleeping through most of your wearing could cause you to miss fit problems that you would notice if wearing the aligners all day.

Do Night-Only Aligners Change the Length of Treatment?

Wearing your orthodontic aligners only at night will necessarily mean that you are wearing them for far fewer hours per day than you would with aligners worn all day. Understandably, this means your aligners are only working on your teeth for half the time that all-day aligners do, and therefore it will take them a bit longer to do their job. The longer you wear your aligner each night, the more time it has to work, so be sure not to skimp on wearing your aligner even if you sometimes skimp on sleep!

Do Night-Only Aligners Change the Cost of Treatment?

Aligners that you wear only at night can slightly increase the cost of your aligners. As mentioned before, these aligners are manufactured to be a bit thicker and more robust. The additional material used understandably adds somewhat to the cost. One way your aligners could end up costing you more is if you don’t follow the instructions for wearing and caring for your devices; this can lead to having to replace aligners, take new moulds, or even starting your treatment all over. You can prevent these costly outcomes by being absolutely consistent in wearing your aligners and maintaining them as directed, so that everything proceeds on schedule.

There are admittedly some trade-offs to choosing night-only aligners, like a longer treatment time and a small increase in cost. However, if the responsibility of wearing and caring for your aligners all day seems too burdensome, straightening your teeth while you sleep may be a better option for you.