Domino’s Pizza PH – Core Values Come to Fore During the Pandemic

Domino's Pizza PH Core Values Come to Fore During the Pandemic
Image Credit: Domino's PH

World Executive Digest | Domino’s Pizza PH – Core Values Come to Fore During the Pandemic | A year into the pandemic, this leading global brand that is known for fast, safe and quality pizza delivery has remained true to its core values.

In the midst of the 2020 lockdowns, Domino’s Pizza Philippines quickly responded with uplifting measures from keeping its store lights open in the evenings, delivering hot and fresh pizza to some of NCR’s government hospitals to its medical frontliners and hosting meals to quarantined OFWs aboard passenger ships in Manila.

dominos bikes
Photo: Domino’s Pizza delivery motorcycles (Mackis Tuazon)

Today, a year since the pandemic struck, Domino’s Pizza PH is still considered as one of the first brands in the QSR industry in the Philippines that pivoted to the new normal having offered Carry Out and Delivery services, of which the brand is known globally.

Domino’s Pizza PH plays an active role in providing reliable service and quality products despite the challenges on restrictions on the dine-in segment, such as lockdowns in some areas, insufficient transportation for their employees plus the daily risk of getting infected by the virus from exposure to various people in their stores. All these stem from their strong commitment to serving their customers.

“We continue to deliver freshly-prepared and delicious pizza and happiness to customers who have been staying home” – Roy Quejada, General Manager of Domino’s Pizza Philippines.

According to Quejada, their store personnel is practicing standard health protocols such as the wearing of masks and face shields, frequent handwashing with soap and water, the frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and observance of good respiratory etiquette when sneezing or coughing.

“Strict screening of workers for signs and symptoms of Covid 19 signs is being implemented like temperature check prior to entry into the store, and others,” said Quejada.

In addition, Domino’s Pizza PH’s customers’ temperature is also being checked at the store’s entrance, where they, too, are asked to fill up a health declaration form. A “no face mask, no face shield – no entry” policy is enforced, and proper distancing at the queue is maintained.

dominos ph southland
Left to right: Domino’s Southland Store Manager Ruby with Roy Quejada (GM, Domino’s PH), “Be aware of service time, prepare the shift and drive the team. This is the formula for #FAST pizza delivery service.”

Personnel at any Domino’s store make sure that chairs, tables, floors, doors, counter, and others are regularly sanitized. They have also put in place store communications in the form of posters, floor markers or stickers, and counter standees that are highly visible to remind both customers and employees to follow the safety protocols all the time.

Domino’s PH has also been consistent across social media by regularly releasing health and safety reminders on their social media outlets, and have been promoting on-line ordering for both deliveries and carry out (thru advanced ordering), as well as car side pick up to minimize their customers’ length of exposure to other people outside of their home.

Quejada feels that their resilience is being tested by the pandemic. They overcame many challenges and have learned how to manage the situation. And as they move forward, he knows that they must be more proactive in taking the necessary precautions to lower the spread of the virus in whatever way they can.

Quejada recapped his sentiments by stating, “Our customers worldwide trust Domino’s ability to overcome adversities. They know that despite these challenges, we will always operate and provide safe products. We started putting the focus on quality last year and continually enhancing our delivery capability as well. We shall reinforce these action steps by providing Safe Food and a Safe Restaurant Environment for our customers.