Don’t DIY: 5 Projects That Are Better Left to the Pros

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World Executives Digest | Don’t DIY: 5 Projects That Are Better Left to the Pros | Doing something yourself can often seem like the cheaper alternative, which is a good reason to ‘give it a go’. However, in many cases, you’ll take considerably more time than the professionals to get the right results. This means you need to ask yourself how much is your time worth?

The higher the value for your time the less productive it is to do the work yourself. But, that’s not the only thing that should concern you. Sometimes it really is safer to leave a job to the pros.

To put it another way, you would use an agency for civil construction jobs, because you wouldn’t want the responsibility of getting it wrong. That’s why they’re called pros, they simply know what they’re doing. 

  • Electrics

New installations are covered by an electrical code. The same regulation covers work done in a bathroom and kitchen because the electrical sockets are close to water and the two substances don’t get along well. 

Even if you’re doing something that doesn’t need to be assessed for code, you should use a local electrical firm to do the work for you.

It may seem easy but having an electric shock is not fun and can even be deadly.

  • Plumbing

One risk of bad plumbing is that it can contact your new electrics and give you a nasty shock. But plumbing is also dangerous as it can flood your home and, even a small drip, can cost you a surprising amount of money over the cost of a year.

Alongside this, undetected leaks will soak into your floors and walls, potentially causing damp; mold, and even wet rot.

You also need to be aware of code, as some pipes need backflow valves to prevent sewage from getting into your home.

The professionals know what they’re doing!  

  • Gas Appliances

In fact, the regulations are simple when it comes to gas appliances, only a professional can install them.

If you try to do it yourself and get it wrong you could allow dangerous gas into your home, resulting in an explosion or poisoning. 

If you survive you’ll find that your insurance may be invalid and you could even face prosecution. That’s not something you want to risk.

  • Felling A Tree

Pruning or lopping a tree can be hard work and carries the danger of being hit by a falling branch. But, felling a tree is much more severe. If you get the process wrong you could find the tree lands on you or your assistant. You may also find that the tree is taller than you think and it hits your house, or even your neighbors.

It’s better to leave it to the professionals who have the right insurance and tools.

  • Extensions

Putting an extension up can be as simple as adding a new wooden frame to your home and insulating the walls before you clad them on the outside and plaster them inside. 

But, it’s not that simple! The foundations need to be created, walls need to be knocked through from your existing house, and you may even want gas and electric in the space.

In short, you need professional help.