Your Dream Home: Having Double Glazed Windows


If you are busy in renovating, or building your dream home or you are just considering changing the look of your house, you can think of installing the double glazed windows. There are many benefits, which you will get when you install double glazed windows to your house. You can bring in a lot of natural light instead of switching on the light in the room. This, along with many other things will benefit you. The windows are specifically designed to reduce the heat loss from the homes and buildings and have other benefits which are listed below.

Acoustic insulation for Your Dream Home

Double glazing provides first-rate acoustic insulation and reduces the outside noise levels. Noise pollution can be a real problem if your home is located in a populated area, nearby a busy road, or in a windy area. However, when you have windows, which have double glazing, they can help you a lot in protecting your home from the continuous disturbance of noise pollution. In addition, it will contain the noise levels within your home. So, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours.

Warmer in winter

Double glazing is the most ideal form of insulation. It gives up to 50 to 70 percent for home heat lost through a single-glazed window. In addition, double glazed windows helps you to capture and store a higher percentage of the natural heat from the winter sun.

Cooler in summer

Having double glazed windows insulates your home against the extreme temperatures. This helps in trapping some of the summer rays and helps to minimize the heat, which burns through the windows during the hot sunny days. The glass used is one which is selective and which is being designed to reject a great amount of heat. It does all this while letting plenty of visible light inside. This contrasts with a tinted glass, which lets less daylight in for comparably lesser heat rejection.

Control fading

The ultraviolet light has been proved to cause harmful skin damage to people and it is responsible for the fading of furniture and carpets. This is done by chemically changing the properties of the material’s color. The infrared rays from the sun contribute to damaging of the furnishings through heat, which results in fading and damaging them. Also, in a way, the visible light itself causes damage.

When you have double glazed windows for your home or office, the amount of UV light in the home and the office gets really reduced. This results in reducing the effects of fading and damage. The combination of different glass options can be reduced by reducing the amount of heat, which is radiated through the double glazing.

Enhance the resale value

These windows are an excellent way to increase the resale value of the home. When you have double glazing windows, the older home can be made desirable to the one purchasing the house. The person would want to make sure that the property they are buying is efficiently insulated.

Improve health and well-being

Even if your dream home is well insulated, you could end up losing up to half of your heat through windows and doors. Condensation can lead generation and growth of bacteria and mold. This can increase the likelihood of fungi, mites, and viruses, which can easily cause many respiratory infections, breathing problems like asthma and allergies.

When you have double glazed windows for your home, you can improve the temperature stability of the house, which in turn will reduce the temperature fluctuations and make it easy for the dream home to be warm and free of cold spots. When you combine it with a significant reduction in condensation, it will help you to get a healthier and more comfortable home.


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