Eat Your Way Towards Happiness

Eat Your Way Towards Happiness

WorldExecutivesDigest.comLiving a modern lifestyle, we have embarked the tenacious journey of mood swings, anxiety bouts, sadness, and whatnot. And, for the worst, sometimes nothing is of much help. No matter the coping mechanism, no matter the thought pattern, no matter the therapy sessions, the state of gloominess doesn’t get any better. 

Well, in such jeopardizing situations, forget everything and make your way towards the nearby bakery store. Confused, aren’t you? It may sound bizarre to many of you but savouring desserts, like cakes, are famed for enhancing the mood. 

Scientifically, several foods are an ultimate mood enhancer with the cake being one of them. Cakes are avowed to trigger the release of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin– the happy hormones, thus fostering a positive feeling. Additionally, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, cheese are excellent antioxidants. You can get more information cakes and hormones when you visit

If you feel entrapped in a black hole, a piece of scrumptious chocolate cake can be your relaxing therapy. But, daily stresses can make you feel overwhelmed to a point that you no longer have the energy to walk to the nearby cake shop in your city. For such times, online cake delivery comes to your rescue. Browse for online cake shops that assure to deliver cakes in Hyderabad, Mysore, etc. So, do give yourself a treat of deliciousness by relishing a perfect combination of taste and mood-enhancing cakes.

1 Black Forest Cake:

Sometimes happiness comes packed in a box of black forest cake. With four layers of spongy chocolate cake layered in the freshly whipped cream frosting that gives it a heavenly taste and topped with chocolate shavings and cherries, a black forest cake is divinely tempting to the senses. However, you have one more reason to love it. It is the chocolate substance. Chocolate is rich in phenols and chemicals, which are natural mood-boosting antioxidants. Therefore, the next time you feel sad, you know the remedy to uplift your spirits. 

2 Fruit Cake:

On any day, a chocolate cake is the first pick of many. But, a fresh fruit cake is equally a good choice to consider. Why? Fruits are power-packed with essential minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help stimulate the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. A cake draped in fresh vanilla cream with a layering of succulent apples, kiwis, strawberries, and oranges are known to be beneficial for cognitive functioning. 

3 Coffee Cake:

With a coffee cake, enjoy the rich taste and aroma of coffee beans. Coffee cakes are baked with the richness of coffee along with creamy frosting that makes it truly tempting. Talking about coffee, it has shown immense potential to reduce the risk of depression to a greater extent. The presence of caffeine in coffee can further assist in eliminating mental fatigue. This time when you feel completely exhausted, instead of a coffee break, consider ordering a coffee cake online for much-needed physical and mental alertness. 

4 Chocolate Walnut Cake:

Among a bevy of nuts found to be a source of magnesium, selenium, antioxidants, etc. walnuts, in particular, are excellent for healthy brain functioning. Whenever you relish an exquisite chocolate cake with the crunchiness of walnuts, it’s not just a yummy indulgence but a quick therapy for the mood. Not only in your days of stress, but you can also enjoy this delicious cake any day because it’s good for both health and taste. 

Fight off all those mood swings, instances of stress and depression by indulging in a cake therapy session. Explore the mouth-watering range of cakes online and keep your spirits lively.