How to Encourage Office Creativity on a Budget?


Marie Larson, World Executives Digest | Today as we’re moving further in the depths of the corporate world, the essence of true creativity is getting more and more vital with each passing year. Without acting on the creativity and innovation at the workplace, no business is able to acquire the distinct competitive advantage over their rivals in the industry. Further, there would be no progress in the product development, marketing and advertising endeavors, and overall internal growth of the business.

As for this post, we’re going to discuss what owners can do to boost office creativity without spending much of their fortune.


  • Play music


Several researches have concluded the positive effects of music on the creativity, productivity, and overall mental being of the workforce. It has been stated that music influences the employees’ mood, which consequently results in them working in a creative manner with heightened motivation. Albeit, do note that listening to music at a moderate volume is beneficial in easing the accumulated stress, but it’s better to keep the volume in check as high volume rather makes the environment distracting. This is why it is recommended to play music at a normal volume and only at selected places.


  • Practice active listening


Employees who work under more of an autocratic leadership style are not inclined to voice their opinions and say in the company’s decision making process. Agreeably the final decision making is in your hand, but letting the workforce talk their ideas and suggestions is a great move in instilling confidence and motivation in them. This comes as a dual-way benefit, the more the ideas you obtain, the more perspectives you’ll acquire to handle a situation from various angles.


  • “Get out” of the office


Okay, here “getting out” doesn’t mean firing yourself from your office, rather going out of the physical structure of the workplace is what we are talking about. What most workaholic business owners fail to understand is that being packed in the same environment for hours, or even days can limit your creativity and personal aspiration. It is recommended to never stick with the same place for all your meetings, instead try to go to different places for conducting important trainings and sessions with the aim to revitalize your brain in a new environment. Allowing employees to work at different places help them perform at the top of the game throughout the workday, along with the added motivation and loyalty built for the business.


  • Discard the seating arrangement


Open plan offices are known to incorporate strong creativity in the workplace facilitating the employees to share their ideas with each other. According to a recent workplace study, about 65% of employees stated that they preferred a private working culture, helping their thought-process get broader and imaginative in perspective. Encouraging the employees to work more privately reduces their anxiety and stress levels, as well as sharpen their focus and enthusiasm in work.

This is why it is advised to create a dynamic workplace where the employees can move here and there and talk to people they may not normally socialize with. The prime purpose is to facilitate them in exchanging ideas, hence raising the culture of teaching and learning in the office.


  • Add plantations


According to a study published by University of Exeter, it’s asserted that workplace creativity is readily enhanced by 45% if there is an improvement in the psychological well-being and design at the place. This is where the element of nature steps in! Adding a few healthy, green plants in the workplace definitely enhances the creativity levels, as well as helps the employees calm down especially during times of stress and urgency. The best thing about plants is that they come cheap and are fairly easy to take care of. You can ask the volunteering employees to work on rotation basis, or simply hire a part-time gardener for all the watering and cleaning purposes.


  • Promote a positive workplace environment


Agreeably, all the above pointers contribute in creating a positive working environment, also that there are times when the office environment needs to be quite strict and ultra-professional. However, let’s not forget that keeping things unnecessarily tight leads to employees getting demotivated and losing their creative potential. They’ll be less likely to complete routine tasks with dedication, let alone taking the “extra mile” initiatives. For example, conducting “Fun Friday” events and encouraging employees to wear the wildest (also appropriate) dresses they can come up with is going to lead a positive and nurtured environment leading for a greater cause, a healthy business and increased productivity.


  • Purchase the right furniture


Due to the increasing popularity of the standing desks, it is becoming quite a trend to find and locate the right furniture with the intention of keeping the workforce energized and their blood flow regulated. Standing desks keep us active and turns on a larger chunk of the brain, consequently, making us extra alert and creative in our tasks and surroundings.

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