How to End a Conversation on Live Chat?

by Kyla Camille Nievera, World Executives Digest |

We all have been there! When you get your favorite item in the sale, you grab it tight and rush back to the cash counter to make a purchase. You pass a smile to the cashier and s/he doesn’t return a smile to you. That’s when you suddenly start to feel like all the happiness and excitement of yours is being drained out.  This is the power of customer service; it can make or break the impression of your brand for customers.  

Customers do not want to feel insecure while making a purchase. They get confident about their buying decision when they have a brand representative appreciating their decisions. Live chat agents should seriously learn how to end the chat in a way that makes the customer much more excited.

Ending lines matter

All’s well that ends well! Imagine being so kind and nice to a customer on live chat. Yet, the customer rated your chat as average, just because your closing lines were so cold or robotic. Avoid such cases to occur. Keep the quality of your customer service high until your very last finishing spiel. Even if in store, you say Goodbye to your customers and request them to come back again with a smile, the customers will surely feel valued.

Imagine a man having a face massage who was so lost into the relaxation until when, at the end, the massager sprayed rose water into his eye. The tingling feeling that he felt at that time overcame all the good experience he was having while taking the massage.

Be consistent

Never ejaculate a brief “goodbye”. Even when you mean it with your best intentions, it’s quite difficult to communicate the tone over the live chat. Your customer would think that you are being rude and like if you are trying to get them out of your hair in order to proceed to the next issue on your list. Finishing a chat in such a way can make your customers feel as if you are helping them unwillingly.

Give your customer the exact level of attention that he or she received at the very first interaction. Make your customers feel as if they are still as important as they were then. Give it some thought, you would never want your customers to feel as if they are not so valuable to you once they have made a purchase on your website, because the reality is, they are now much more important than they ever were. Positive customer experience goes a long way in converting site visitors and one-time buyers into loyal, long-term clients.  

Ensure you have to get them covered

A customer with unfulfilled needs are the customers that will cost you a lot. You have to make sure at the end of the chat that all the needs of your customers are met successfully. When you feel a chat has started to wind down, never come up to the conclusion that your customers are fully satisfied. You will always get the opportunity to go an extra mile. Have a flashback to your own customer service experiences, as a client and you’ll realize that you prefer returning to the companies where the customer service agents have transcended your expectations.

Before ending your chat, remember to drop in an additional offer such as “Is there anything else I can help you with? You can improvise the line as per the situation to prevent it from being machine-like. But, don’t say that when the customers are saying goodbye because it adds a gratuitous delay to finishing the call. Sometimes, goodbye means goodbye.

Thank Your Customers

When you thank your customers at the end of a call or chat, you make them get an impression that the interaction is beyond the matter of money. Thank your customers means more like thanking them for choosing your company over others and purchasing from them. Research demonstrates that customers spend more, employees get more productive, and vendors feel more like paying on time when they are thanked regularly.

Don’t think again for thanking your customers individually. Address them by their name to add an extra touch. We all like being appreciated then why restraining yourself from doing the same to your customers.


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