Enjoying Free Traffic: 10 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search

Advanced SEO Techniques
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Starting a blog or a site is easy. The hard part of it is getting people to visit. All of your great content will be useless if you just hope people will find your blog on their own because they will likely not.

Successful blogs are based on effective SEO techniques, along with great design and analytics. All these elements combined and you get a site with a healthy amount of traffic, enough to rank high in search engines and gain the audience that it needs to have.

Below are ten SEO techniques you need to make use of in order to increase the traffic to your blog or site.

  1. Create Reliable And Engaging Content

The best way to gain organic traffic is by producing high quality and resourceful content. Still, it’s unfortunate that quite a lot of sites fail to follow this rule. But it’s important to remember that the content of your blog or site is what assists web users. If your content does not contain what they’re looking for, search engines will rank you down and you will lose potential customers.

  1. Regularly Update Your Posts

A copy that has statistics or any similar elements in it needs to be updated all the time for obvious reasons — statistics and data change over time. It’s important, therefore, to update the information indicated on your content accordingly. It would be helpful to add something new to an old post, especially if updates have been made regarding a certain piece of information.

You should also set a schedule for your posting and religiously follow it. A site or blog that doesn’t get regular posts will be seen as inactive by web users, causing a loss of visitors.

  1. Create A Mobile Version Of Your Site

It’s no secret that people have switched to smartphones and are more likely to use it for their web searches. Although desktop computers are still a much-needed device, pretty much everyone uses their portable gadgets to access the Internet most of the time.

That being said, it’s essential for search engines and web users these days to be able to view a site that’s mobile-friendly. Make sure all the content in it is easy to read and the navigation is user-friendly. It would benefit your site if you choose a template that fits both smartphones and desktop computers.

  1. Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

There’s a ton of information found on the web and due to this availability, web users will more likely choose a website that shows them information fast, as opposed to a site that takes a while to load. People don’t have the extra time or patience for a site that loads forever. Web users are antsy when it comes to getting more information, so if you fail to deliver this, forget about getting traffic from web searches.

  1. Pay Attention To Long Tail Keywords

This is one advanced SEO technique that will gain a lot of attention in 2019. Some bloggers and webmasters have forgotten the importance of long tail keywords, but the future of search engines predict that long tail keywords have the power to boost a site’s ranking significantly.

It’s worth noting that long tail keywords don’t actually get high search volumes, but the thing about this type of keywords is that the searches toward them are more direct, so you’re more likely to convert visitors since users found exactly what they’re looking for.

  1. Use Infographics

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the use of infographics, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to present visual information that can be easily processed by viewers. Infographics are one way of expressing complex content and make it look simpler to understand. And they also make an eye-catching piece of content, too.

When planning to produce an infographic, make sure your content is as rich as your graphics. Do not commit the mistake of trying to make something so attractive and yet users will get nothing from it.

  1. Go HTTPS

Given the many questionable elements of the internet, it’s crucial to be always secured. Search engines can detect anomalies and if you’re not careful, your site could be flagged insecure, which will affect your rankings badly. One way of avoiding that is by going HTTPS.

Switching to HTTPS improves your site’s SEO value and is one way of letting users know that their data is safe when entering your blog or site.

  1. Backlink Quality Over Quantity

In the younger days of the internet, a lot of people took advantage of getting a lot of backlinks, thinking this is the only way to rank up in search engines. This might have worked before, but search algorithms are smarter these days, thanks to the religious updates search engines like Google makes periodically.

Yes, backlinking is still an effective SEO technique, but instead of focusing on quantity, consider the quality of your backlinks instead. Check the source and make sure it’s reliable and related to the copy or content your publishing. A hundred backlinks whose authority is unquestionable is nothing compared to a single backlink from a site that people believe has a lot of value.

  1. Link Your Internal Pages

Linking your internal pages makes it easier for search engines to index your site. Co-linking your pages also mean that they can transfer traffic between each other that even your older posts can still get views. Internal linking also makes it easier for web users to navigate your site, causing them to stay more since they can easily find what they’re looking for.

  1. Go Big On Social Media

A solid social media presence is enough to get people to talk about your brand. It’s the only platform wherein customers can engage directly to you with ease, so you should really take advantage of it.

Social media has become so important for businesses that it has given birth to the role known as social media manager, or the person who takes care of all your accounts, answer queries, talk to people, make updates, and so much more.

Handling the online aspect of your business may seem overwhelming, but at the end of the day, you have to realize that traffic can be converted to sales. With the help of advanced SEO techniques, you can achieve that.