Essentials for Starting a 3D Printing Business

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Many find 3D printing appealing since it joins artistic and technical skills into unique pieces. For amateur admirers, it is as if a figment of their imagination can now come to life, while experts find it attractive since it is quicker and more freeing when it comes to the complexity of the design.

If you are decent at sketching and you find this type of craftsmanship exciting, then you can learn a new skill and make a profit out of it at the same time. So, here are a few essentials to keep in mind when going into the 3D printing business.

Find your inspiration

3D printing has a number of applications and therefore there are a lot of things you can do with it. Also, opting for one niche will help you choose your work tools. For example, you may find a number of clients if you decide to offer prototyping services since many businesses would like to see the end phase of some product but don’t wish to purchase 3D printer just because of it. Also, there is a considerable market for decorations and jewelry and similar designer products because 3D printing allows you to customize items making the pieces one of a kind.

Choose the right software

In the beginning, you will be excepting orders which are less challenging until you perfect your craftsmanship abilities and luckily, there are a lot of free open-source software options. Naturally, as your skills improve and you take on more demanding tasks, you will need more advanced software, especially if you wish your business to grow. So, in that stage, you will need a one year-one license for 3D modeling software with 3D printing features while at the later stages, you will move on other software without a problem because by that time you will be acquainted with the tools’ prices and quality.

Purchase the necessary materials

Materials will be vital in your daily operations so you need to make sure that you opt for the best resource when it comes to both strength and durability. For quick pieces of art, you can consider getting a 3D pen such as the ones offered by the inspiring The 3Doodler, which will help you create anything from decorative art pieces and cufflinks to mending broken scissors. As with the software, your chosen niche will narrow your options when it comes to materials and it goes without saying that certain materials, such as a thermoplastic filament, have to be compatible with your printer. So, make sure you research your options thoroughly.

Get a quality 3D printer

For this investment, it is best to prepare well by doing extensive online research and consulting with experts. One of the things you need to take into account is your skill level since 3D printing is complex and you need to learn well the possibilities offered by your printer. Another element to keep in mind is the size of the objects you will be printing since if you will be printing mostly jewelry, you don’t need a large build volume, that is, the print size of a printer. Also, printing speed is something to pay attention to because intricate details demand a slower pace.

Educate yourself

A lot of practice before you start earning will give you confidence and peace of mind. So, investing in educating yourself will prevent you from taking on the first project and realizing that you don’t know how to use your work tools. With that in mind, taking courses in 3D animation might be helpful since a beginner will learn some basic while a little bit more experienced user will get an idea about which areas could be improved. There are a lot of free online resources and it is highly recommendable you spend some time practicing in a study environment before you start charging for your services.


If you have a flair for drawing and a love for technological innovations, 3D printing is the perfect combination of the two. With a little practice, you will be able to learn to give life to some of your simpler ideas and in time, when you get acquainted with the materials and tools, you will create more complex pieces and earn while having fun. Doing something you love for a living is what most people would like to but don’t get a chance, so if 3D printing is your passion then you should pursue it.

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