Euro Pallet: Basics, Benefits and Tips to Buy


Corey Terranueva, World Executives Digest |  Whether it’s about moving just a box of important heavy items or they are hundreds in number, pallets are the best material to ensure safety and handling of the products. Although advanced technology is taking over every sector, pallets are still the best way to carry items without spending much money. In addition, these pallets can be used again for the same purpose.

There are several kinds of pallets used to carry different items. Although all of them are effective and beneficial to store products safely, their material and functioning could be different. Some are created and used only once, while others can be used again and again. Although there are various kinds of pallets available in the market, some of them are famous among regular users and used across the globe. Euro pallet is one of them and favorite option of many who want to store their products in the most effective manner.

What is euro pallet?    

People with detailed knowledge about pallets identify the euro pallet as certified pallet type which is authorized by the EPAL organization. The euro pallet in the market is available in different types and qualities that can be chosen as per the need.  

The euro pallet can also be defined as four-way pallet type where boxes of items are secured from all four ways. Such pallets are used to load items on to truck safely. These pallets may be different from pallets used in the US, most of the people using pallets in the country may not be aware of the euro pallets and their benefits.

Benefits of euro pallet

Seeing the benefits and effective storage of items with euro pallet, many companies around the world- especially the European- companies ask the suppliers to ship the products using this pallet type. Many companies in the Europe also prefer the euro pallet because it is authorized by the EPAL organization. In addition, the pallet has high commercial value in Europe. In addition, it is an expensive process to dispose of the standard American stringer pallets. There are several other advantages of euro pallet, and they are as follows:

  • It is a high-standard pallet type that has been made keeping European Union’s Packaging Waste Reduction Laws in mind. The pallet is less expensive than American pallets and can be used again and again.
  • The euro pallet is among the few pallets types across the globe that is known to be highly respected. They are designed keeping global pattern in mind and are appropriate according to International Organization for Standardization.
  • As the pallet can be used more than once there’s no need to dispose it frequently. The, the type is not only environment-friendly but also it saves you money whenever an assignment is shipped.
  • The euro pallets are also known to be having more commercial value for importers than standard commercial pallets. It is because they can be forwarded directly to the clients. In addition, they can change their existing pallets with new euro pallets.

How to buy the euro pallet?


As euro pallets are welcomed everywhere and customers prefer using them when it is about shipping breakable items, they are in high-demand. While buying them, it is necessary to ensure that the right product has been purchased. In addition: