Everything A First Time Mom Need To Know About Pregnancy

Everything A First Time Mom Need

Everything A First Time Mom Need To Know About Pregnancy | Being pregnant for the first time is a wonderful experience. Regardless of whether you have planned for the pregnancy or not, it is exciting and scary. It is only natural to turn to the internet and start researching how to be a good mum or what happens during pregnancy.

Fortunately, it is easier to get through the pregnancy than you may think. Of all the three trimesters the first is the most concerning as this is when miscarriages and birth defects are most likely to occur. The good news is there are things you can do to help the pregnancy go smoothly.

However, as always, it is best to check with your reputable and qualified obstetrician Sydney before you start changing things too much. They can assure you that this is not harmful to your unborn baby. 

Skip The Caffeine

You may be used to your morning coffee that helps you to wake up and get going. But, the truth is that caffeine is digested slower when you are pregnant, leaving you and your unborn baby exposed to caffeine side effects. These including racing heart, increased blood pressure, and stimulated nervous system. 

These are not beneficial to your unborn baby, skip the caffeine. 


You may be carrying a baby and perhaps even eating for two but that doesn’t mean you can skip the exercise. Again, it is best to check with your doctor regarding the exercise you are doing. Excess stress is not good but low impact exercises will strengthen your body and mind, which will be useful when giving birth.


It is very important that you drink plenty of fluids, ideally water.  The amniotic sac that surrounds your baby is full of fluid and needs to be kept topped up. Drinking a little more water than usual will help you and your baby stay hydrated which has health benefits for both of you. 

The best approach is simply to sip water throughout the day, it is a habit you can easily get into. 


You will struggle with tiredness in the first trimester due to hormone changes and in the last trimester due to your size. That is why you should start taking naps every day. This will help you to stay healthy and ensure you have plenty of energy for when the baby arrives.

Consider Your Birth Plan

It is entirely possible that the birth will be sudden and you won’t have time to stick to a birth plan. However, it is still a good idea to make a birth plan to ensure the birth of your first child is as special as possible. Take the time to consider how you would like it to happen and let everyone know. Where possible it will be adhered to.


Don’t forget that as a new mom you will need to clothe your new baby. That means you can go shopping without feeling guilty. Enjoy choosing an array of clothes that your new baby will look good in. It can help to make bad pregnancy days more fun.