Executives’ takeaways in the 3rd Quarter CILA General Membership Meeting


via Chlarizel Dianne H. Pangan, TMC – Clark | What is the biggest challenge executives face each day? You guess it right, stress! As executives are bombarded with hectic schedules and full loads of office works just to reach targets and quotas, stress could be detrimental, as it is inevitable. As a result, little did they know that they are beginning to overlook their own lifestyle, triggering lifestyle-related diseases to arise, according to the CILA event.

This was one of the takeaways during the 3rd Quarter General Membership Assembly of Clark Investors and Locator’s Association (CILA) held last August 15, 2018, Wednesday, at Xenia Hotel, Clark Freeport Zone. The event underscored the profound discussions and legislative agenda vis-à-vis the “Updates on TRAIN Law 2” led by the CILA President, Dr. Francisco Villanueva Jr.

Dr. Villanueva mounted his presidential report about the accomplished and upcoming paces of progress for the development of the TRAIN campaign project. Taken into account the radical changes made for the plan and other inputs from the affiliated governing bodies involved in the fabrication of the aforesaid project. Moreover, it was followed by the induction of the new CILA members and the presentation of Dr. Enrico L Basilio, one of the guest speakers. offering

After the heavy discussions, to lighten up the atmosphere of the event, The Medical City Clark smoothly engaged the executives to choose to rest for a while and feel the ambience of a piece of home—in the concept of “The Living Room”.

Furthermore, Dr. Sebastian, one of the wellness doctors of TMC Clark, along with Evelyn L. Yumul, The Medical City Clark’s Sales and Marketing Director, and Ms. Rochelle Lagman, The Medical City Clark’s Manager of Wellness Center, underlined stress as the business world’s silent killer and the ‘healthy extra-mile’ steps to recover from stress and improve a person’s regimen.

Atop of the steps, TMCC put forward the Executive Health Check-Up (ECU), a preventive health check package tailor-fit for each person, to screen the common diseases in the different age-groups and examine the vital functions of the body through the tranquil and hotel-like facilities, giving them the utmost care that they, and all the patients deserve to feel.

To showcase what TMCC ECU Check Up could offer, availees will automatically become members of the Executive Circle Club, a VIP club that brings together managers and directors of prominent businesses in the region. Through this, Executive Circle Cardholders can revel in the following benefits and exclusive perks:

  • Exclusive discount on top of the discounted packages for CILA members
  • 5% discount on ECU Standard Package for members and their dependent
  • Entitlement for corporate rates at TMC Clark partner hotels, establishment, and merchandisers
  • Complementary VIP passes to TMC Clark Events such as post-graduate courses, fairs, and launches.

Evidently, Ms. Yumul proudly informed everyone that some of the prominent personalities including CILA President, Dr. Francisco Villanueva Jr., and Clark Development Corporation President, Mr. Noel F. Manankil have undergone and experienced the Executive Check-Up as part of their lifestyle essentials.

From an all-embracing perspective, the General Membership Meeting has been productively and successfully fulfilled. And now, it’s time to take an ECU day-off! To know more about this Executive Check-Up, call 045-300-8888 or 0916-448-8046.