Face to Face: Why a Video Chat With Friends Is Good For Your Mental Health

Chat with Friends

World Executive Digest  | Face to Face: Why a Video Chat With Friends Is Good For Your Mental Health | Since the beginning of COVID-19, a lot of us have found ourselves inside more than we usually are. And because of this, there has been a rise in depression worldwide. But, there are ways to combat depression, and one way to do this is to video chat with friends.

What can a video call do for those that are longing to connect with others? We’re glad that you’ve asked this question because we’ve got the answers that you’ve been looking for. Read on and learn how a weekly video chat with friends and family can keep the quarantine blues at bay.

Reduces Anxiety

Suppose you’re someone who suffers from depression or has issues being alone for long periods; being in quarantine may cause you to feel isolated. And when you become isolated, it can be easy to allow anxious feelings sot overtake you.

But, you can ensure that you don’t begin to feel anxious like this when you use video calls. When you use video calling the right way, you can connect with family and friends and talk to them about how you’ve been feeling.

When you’re able to speak to someone about how you’re feeling, it’ll help you feel better, and you can find ways to reduce your anxiety by throwing ideas around with your family and friends. They may have some ideas that you’ve not thought of before, and in a couple of days, they can check in with you to see if the ideas you discussed are working.

The more you connect with people via group video calls, the better you’re going to be. Holding in your feelings is only going to have a detrimental effect on the way that you’re currently feeling. And besides, how do you expect people to help you if you don’t talk to them.

There are tons of studies that have been conducted proving a link between laughing with those that you’re close to and the fact that it reduces feelings of anxiety.

Virtual Getaways

Many people find themselves going stir-crazy being inside for most of the time, but a video call can help create a virtual getaway. For a couple of moments, you get to be inside the home of the people that you’re chatting with and see what’s going on with them.

They may have changed their homes’ interior the last time you saw them, or they may have moved into a new home and want to take you on a tour. When you’re on a video chat on Facebook, you can leave your space and travel to the space of someone else.

This can provide a brief moment of relief and help you to get that much-need break from being inside of your own home.

Allows You to Connect

When you’re at home alone, as stated, it causes feelings of isolation and of being alone. When you participate in video calls throughout the week, it helps you connect with people you’ve not seen in a while.

How is their day going? What’s new in their lives? How are they managing quarantine without going crazy? These are just a few of the questions that will come up during your conversation, and you can find ways to remain connected even while apart.

Whether that’s having a virtual game night or trying to participate in karaoke, it’s up to you how you connect. But, what we do know is that taking the time to speak with people face to face virtually will help you to feel the warmth of having people around you without having people around you.

And speaking to your friends and family over the video call will boost your overall moral. You’ll find that you’re much happier after speaking with each other. And it helps to break up the monotony of your day to day activities.

After you’ve gotten off the phone, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next group chat, which can help the day pass quicker and make quarantine not seem daunting.

Guidelines for Video Calling

Although participating in video calls during quarantine is an excellent idea for those that need to connect with others to keep their sanity, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. First, ensure that you’ve got a strong internet connection because the last thing that you want to happen is to look forward to your video call, and then it fails right before the call.

Next, ensure that you don’t spend too much time on group chats. Some people have found that constant video chatting causes them to become tired of using their video calling devices and not to mention staring at a screen for long period cans have a detrimental effect on your eyes because of the blue light exposure.

Video Chat with Friends 101

When you’re looking to video chat with friends, there are tons of ways that this will benefit your mental state and ensure you stay healthy mentally throughout quarantine. Looking forward to those daily or weekly chats is helpful and will increase your overall mood.

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