Factors to Check When Finalizing Granny Flat Floor Plans

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Zac Ferry, WED |  The term “Granny flats” is an interesting one. This unit indicates at individual living units that are accommodated on the ground floor of houses or apartments. These units are much like independent houses, only with smaller and limited amenities. These are the units that could be used by either single occupants or a couple of people. Just as the name suggests, the granny flats are generally used by the aged people who are accommodated as an addition to the family, but with an independent setup of their own.

There are certain aspects that must be borne in mind at the time of finalizing granny flat floor plan. Let us take a look at them.

Sizes of The Rooms 

This is one of the most important aspects. At the time of buying or making the rooms of the granny flat floor plan, you must clearly instruct the builder about the size and the dimensions of the rooms that you are looking for. In case you forget to do so, then you may face problem during the time when you get furniture and fittings done for the place. Again, breaking the structure after making it could be a costly and an inconvenient proposition.


This is again an important aspect. Try to keep the areas of laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms close to each other. This way you can cut down a lot of cost in terms of the pipeline setting. Hence, it is advisable that at the time of designing the granny flat floor plans you keep all the mentioned areas close to each other.


Plan the windows in a proper manner at the time of executing or making the granny flat floor plans. The size and the dimensions of the windows will depend on the total structure of the flat. Additionally, the type of the climate outside will also influence the size and the placement of the windows.

Wall Colors

It is advisable that the wall colors of the granny flat floors must be light and simple. This will make space look larger and lively. The lighting inside the wall will also appear be naturally bright in that case. It is also easy to clean such rooms. The inmates inside the house will also feel happier and livelier with such a type of color palette on the internal walls.

Know Your Budget

There can be a large number of choices when you set about to finalize your granny flat floor plan. However, the one that you will choose must be conducive to your set budget. Hence it is imperative that you must first fix a set budget for your project. This must then be clearly stated to your architect. It is on the basis of the same that the granny flat floor plan will be determined.

Know Your Requirement

This is very important, which will help you to get a space that will be tailored according to your requirements. You must know the person well who will be occupying the space. Additionally, all the smaller needs of the individual or the people who will be living there have to be borne in mind. Like the number of rooms required, the space of the rooms, the dimensions of the kitchen, and the nature of the patio required, all these can help you to execute your granny flat floor plans to perfection.


Finally a granny flat floor plan must be entrusted to a reputed builder. This is the first step towards crystallizing your granny flat in a successful and satisfactory manner. After all, a well-designed flat for the elderly people will make living easy for them.