Falsely Accused of a Sexual Assault? Here Are 10 Steps You Should Not Hesitate to Take

Falsely Accused

WorldExecutivesDigest.comFalsely Accused of a Sexual Assault? Here Are 10 Steps You Should Not Hesitate to Take | The overwhelming majority of sexual assault reports are accurate. Sadly, however, an estimated two to ten per cent of these reports turn out to be false. When this is the case, lives are destroyed, and the consequences are far-reaching for all involved. What should an individual falsely accuse of sexual assault do?

Understand the Gravity of the Situation

Every decision made when a person has been falsely accused of sexual assault becomes critical. Many people in this situation go into denial and downplay the gravity of the situation. Don’t make this mistake, as the legal troubles could increase. Once one charge has been filed, others may follow suit. For instance, a woman may accuse her husband of sexually abusing their children during a divorce. This could lead to a loss of visitation for the father, followed by criminal charges, and more. Treat the situation as a serious matter from the beginning and recognize the need for a sex crimes defense attorney.

Hire an Attorney

Never attempt to fight the charges alone, and select an attorney who handles sexual assault cases regularly. This lawyer knows the nuances of the law, individuals within the court system who may be involved in the case, and more. This experience becomes of great help as the case moves forward. Ask the attorney how much of their practice is dedicated to cases of this type and about their track record in this area.

Collect Resources

Fighting a sexual assault charge costs money, and individuals must ensure they have the funds needed to mount the best defence possible. The odds of a conviction remain high if the defendant runs out of money. Prepare to pay out a great deal for specialists who will bolster your case. Avoid those who promise a quick and easy resolution, as that is unlikely in a case of this type. Find ways to raise the funds if and when they are needed, and think outside the box. Unusual financing solutions may be exactly what is needed at this time for the best outcome.

Become Educated With Regard to Sexual Assault

To be a full participant in your defence, you need to become educated on the allegations, the potential consequences, and possible defences. When the defence teams make a recommendation, having some knowledge of what they are discussing is of great help when a decision must be made. For instance, they may offer choices A, B, and C. However, they don’t fully explain each choice, either assuming you know what each involves or because they lack the time to do so. Be fully involved and informed at all times to obtain the best outcome possible.

Create a Timeline of Events

Help the defence team by creating a timeline of events. Start from the first contact with the accuser and move through to the day the accusation was made. Provide as much detail as possible when providing this information. Even if something seems unimportant, it should be included, as you never know what may help when crafting a defence.

Provide Witnesses

Share information about anyone who may have knowledge of the case, your relationship with the accused, the allegations, and more. Some people choose to use index cards and provide contact information about each witness. On the reverse side, they then provide an explanation of the role of the witness in the case. Include those who will support your side as well as those who won’t. The legal team then determines what is and isn’t important.

Be Cautious

Defendants need to avoid becoming their own worst enemy. Watch what you say and do at all times, and avoid speaking about the case with anyone other than the legal team. In addition, maintain a stoic appearance at all times. Your demeanour plays a role in others’ perception of you and your innocence, so keep this in mind when around other people and handle yourself with care. Don’t become frustrated and take out this frustration on others. Doing so only hurts your case.

Submit to Testing

When the legal team recommends you take a test of any kind, listen to them. These tests should relate directly to the charges that have been filed. The attorney knows which the court will give the most weight and why they are needed. Don’t hesitate to ask for this information when agreeing to take the test or tests. However, recognize that you hired them for their experience and don’t fight them on tests they recommend.

Be a Part of the Team

Don’t simply hand over your defence to the legal team. This is your life that is being discussed and you need to have input into every aspect of the case. Discuss everything with the attorney and support staff, ask questions, and provide suggestions. This is a team effort at all times, and you want your voice heard. Your choice of attorney remains of great importance, as you work closely together throughout the process. Keep this in mind and choose your legal team carefully.

Stay Positive

It’s easy to become discouraged, especially when things don’t seem to go your way. Don’t let the situation get you down. Remain positive and count on loved ones when you feel like giving up. It’s hard to have a good outlook on life when your freedom is on the line, and your support system will be there to help you when you feel down. Don’t push them away because you are embarrassed or ashamed. They want to support you, so let them. Furthermore, determine what steps you will take if and when you are acquitted, as nobody should be put through this if they truly aren’t guilty.

It would be nice if the world was filled with people who tell the truth at all times. Unfortunately, people can and do lie for various reasons. When they lie about you and accuse you of a crime you didn’t commit, it is easy to lash out. Don’t do this. Keep a calm head and seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Everything that happens from the minute the accusation is made has an impact on the case. The attorney works to ensure you don’t unintentionally harm your case as the process moves forward. You need this help at a critical time to obtain the best outcome possible.