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The Perfect Applicant Tracking System

World Executives Digest |As an employer, recruiting employees is difficult enough. But on top of that, you have to sift through a pool of applicants and choose the ones most qualified for the job. This can be quite time-consuming and even frustrating. Sometimes applicants have to wait weeks or even months for a decision. But what if there’s software that can make this process much easier and faster? What if you could pick the right candidates who are more qualified and fit your company culture in a more organized way?

Offer a Better Candidate Experience

A good applicant tracking system can provide a great candidate experience that feels seamless. While applying for a job, applicants will lose patience if they find the process difficult or don’t receive communication from the employer. They’ll go on to the next employer and may even forget all about your company. Then, you’ll lose out on possibly great talent. But with applicant tracking software, you can stay in communication with your candidates through every phase of the application process. This helps acknowledge and inform applicants and makes them feel like you value their time and efforts. As a result, they’ll feel comfortable with your company and they’ll be more willing to do things to better your company once they do get hired. A positive candidate experience can also boost your reputation.

Make Fast, Compelling Job Offers

When the right applicant comes along, you can use applicant tracking to send out job offers quickly. Ready-made offer letter templates that you can customize help fast-track the selection process. You can use these templates for different positions and job types. Not to mention, your applicants can submit electronic signatures. This means that they don’t have to worry about printing out paperwork, filing it out, and then faxing it to your company. They can send over their signed consent right through email.

Organize Applicant Information

Using applicant tracking, you can keep applicant information organized through every phase of the hiring process. This allows you to focus more on finding the best fit for the position and give candidates the best possible experience. You won’t have to spend lots of time searching for applicants. That’s because their information is already organized for easier access.

Collaborate With Team Members

During times when you need input from members of your team, you can use applicant tracking to connect with them. All you do is grant them permission to get access to the system. Then, you can get their input at any stage in the hiring process. You can use in-system messaging to communicate with stakeholders and team members. Then, you can set up automatic alerts for when you receive a new message. This helps keep the hiring process moving to the next phase and prevents delays or lapses in communication. Perhaps the best part of this feature is the ability to get desktop and mobile notifications whenever there’s new information on the applicant, which helps keep members of your team on the same page.

Improve Your Hiring Process

You may be used to sticking to a 9 to 5 schedule when it comes to recruiting. But in today’s digital world, you’re now allowed to use a mobile app for just about anything. That includes applicant tracking software that you can access right from your mobile phone. Stuck in traffic? Lying in bed? Riding in the back of an Uber? It doesn’t matter. You can on-board an applicant on the spot, no matter where you are. View resumes, read responses to application questions, and give ratings and feedback whenever you want and wherever you choose. When using applicant tracking software, there are a variety of features you can take advantage of. Whether you’re tracking applicants. managing employee data, or creating on-boarding programs, you’re making huge strides in making your company’s new hire recruitment process easier and more convenient for all parties involved.