Fire Protection Measures by Installing Bushfire Shutters

Fire Safety and Burn Prevention at Home Bushfire Shutters | Fire spread is something that has devastating impacts on every person who has to face it. It can not only damage the property but can be life-threatening too. Excessive heat can break the window glasses and destroy everything that is present inside. Windows and doors are the primary places where fire can enter the house or any property. As soon as it enters, it spreads like wildfire, starting with curtains, furniture, etc, in order to protect everything that is inside, the doors and windows need to be protected before anything else. This is where bushfire shutters prove to be effective.

Importance of Bushfire Shutters

There are various measures that we need to adopt, to keep our place safe. One of the important points that you need to take into account when we talk about protecting our house, then we cannot leave the doors and windows. Installing bushfire shutters is a great way to enhance the protection of the premises. The potential risk of fire entering the property is very less and significantly reduced as soon as the doors and windows have been secured and protected. These shutters are installed in order to provide protection from any kind of direct heat radiation, flame contact, ember attacks or burning debris are known as bushfire. There is a compact yet strong headbox that is well hidden within this structure. Even though it is made using more lightweight material, it provides excellent protections against bushfires. 

Installing these shutters helps in ensuring that your home is safe from any kind of potential bushfire. Installing shutters is not an optional step, especially if you are residing in high-risk locations that are very prone to bushfire. In order to satisfy every type of protection measure related to bushfires, the external openings must be strengthened before anything else. 

How Does Bushfire Shutters Work?

These shutters work by compartmentalizing the fire, they help in:

  1. Reducing the damage
  2. Gives you ample time to evacuate the place
  3. Holds fire thus giving time for the emergency services to arrive.

How Do These Shutters Activate?

If you have installed bushfire shutters, then they are mostly connected to the main fire alarm system, as soon as the fire alarm activates, it also activates the shutters, making them fall down and halt the fire.  

Those areas that are very prone to bushfires have certain protection measures that must be followed by everyone. Bushfire shutters have specific building requirements that can maximise the safety of the people during an event of a bushfire. The requirements vary according to the level of bushfire attack that determines appropriate protection levels.  

There Are Three Things That Can Determine This Measurement

  1. The Fire Danger Index
  2. The vegetation slopes
  3. The vegetation type that is surrounding the particular land or property 
  4. The distance between the property and the vegetation 

Most of the shutters are manufactured in a way that they can be very easily deployed in the event of a bushfire with the simple press of a particular button. As soon as the shutter has been deployed, it will prevent the fire from entering the house. 

There are certain bushfire shutters suppliers that also provide a list of shutters that are available at lower costs but with the same functionality of protection. These shutters also protect the people from toxic gases and heat that cannot enter the property. Fire preventive measures are extremely important because this type of disaster is both natural and manmade. 


If you are still wondering whether you are in a need to install bushfire shutters or not, then you must understand the fact that having bushfire shutters is not an option, but a mandatory thing to keep your house and residents safe.