A First-Timer’s Guide on Cash Loans in the Philippines

cash loans in the philippines

There are various cash loans in the Philippines which you could choose from when your need for money is urgent. Aside from banks, there are may institutions and companies where you could borrow for a faster transaction. Because banks have stringent rules when approving a cash loan, some opt to become a borrower in peer-to-peer lending platforms in the Philippines.

It has become easier for borrowers and even lenders to lend or borrow funds for cash loan in the Philippines because of technology. Now that more and more P2P crowdlending platforms are being introduced, you must carefully choose where to do business with. Especially when you’re a first-timer, you should be guided on the what to remember when applying for a loan.

First, choose a platform where customer service is being prioritized. Make sure that your questions would be answered, and problems would be solved, in case it happens.

If you’re planning to apply for a cash loan, the basic requirements include:
-valid government ID/s with
-latest proof of billing
-latest payslip/s
-Certificate of Employment

Though requirements of companies offering cash loan in the Philippines vary, these are the basic documents which you should prepare.

One important thing that you should remember before applying for a cash loan in the Philippines is having a sure and stable income flow. Ensure that you have enough money for the monthly repayments so that there would be no problems regarding your account and history. Add to that, be sure that your credit history is clear and all good, so as not to delay the approval of your cash loan.

In the Philippines, you may opt to borrow from FundKo, a peer-to-peer lending platform which comprises verified lenders and borrowers. Here, as a borrower, it will be a convenient way to borrow funds as the processes are faster through this platform. You would have to submit the needed requirements online after signing up at FundKo.com, which means convenience on your part because you wouldn’t need to fall in line or apply personally. As a first-time borrower, be confident and comfortable with FundKo for your cash loan needs.

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