Five Essential Fitness Exercises to Keep You Active and Healthy

Five Essential Fitness Exercises to Keep You Active and Healthy | Five Essential Fitness Exercises to Keep You Active and Healthy | We live in a highly technologized era, where people are dependant on machines to do their daily chores. It brought physical activities to a significant low and has substantially impacted the physical capabilities of people. More people are becoming lazy and less interested in doing simple tasks. 

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased psychological issues in adults and children alike, and the mental health problem rate is continually escalating. The closure of many companies has led to financial stress. On the other hand, fewer social gatherings and staying indoors have become the root cause of depression and anxiety. People battling health issues find going about mundane tasks, such as folding laundry or doing dishes challenging, and do not see the motivation to do almost anything. Exercise and a balanced diet help remarkably deal with mild depression and other mental and physical heal issues. Regular indulgence in activity improves life quality and assists in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Exercise

Health experts emphasize the benefits of exercise to the extent that it seems that the cure for every health problem lies in a workout. They suggest having a nutritious diet and exercise together can prevent illnesses. 

Some vital benefits of having a proper exercise routine are:

  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Manage your insulin levels
  • Enhance your mood and give you positive energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Help you keep your weight in check
  • Reduce the probability of illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure

The following are the five fitness exercises that will keep you active and healthy: 

  • Lunges

Exercise helps in maintaining balance, which is necessary to prevent falls, especially in older people. Lunges is an effective workout that targets mainly the lower body but also affects abdominal muscles. You neither need large space nor any fancy equipment, as a floor mat alone will be enough for lunges. Place a mat on the ground, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, and keep both hands on your waist. Now, you need to take a step forward with your right foot and bend its knee until it comes parallel to the ground. The key is to ensure that the right knee does not pass the right foot. Return to the starting position and repeat the cycle with your left leg.

  • Exercise Equipment

A general excuse from people is that they neither get time for exercise nor find the motivation to do so. Getting gym equipment at home serves as a reminder and encourages you to buckle up and do exercise. In recent times, our homes are compact and do not have much space to keep exercise machines. Therefore you can quickly get the latest portable home gym equipment from a reputable fitness equipment store. For example, exercise machines climber will give you a full-body workout, which will improve your muscle building and strength.

  • Squats

Squats enhance flexibility and increase lower body muscles and core strength. Stand tall with your feet slightly apart while keeping your arms by your side. Keep your chest and chin up, and push your hips a little backward. Next, you need to bend your body as if you are about to sit on a chair, but you need to make sure that your knees don’t bow. Then, hold the sitting position for at least five seconds, then return to the original position and repeat it.

  • Planks

A strong core is the base of a healthy body, which often gets weakened due to less physical activity. Plank is a versatile exercise, which mainly enhances core strength. The first step is to lie with your face towards the floor on a flat surface. Prop yourself up and hold your body onto your forearms for at least 30 seconds. Repeat three sets of 10 to 15 seconds, and it will strengthen your muscles and tissues. As per experts’ recommendation, it would be best to take it slow and do a plank of 15 seconds in the initial days, then gradually bring it up to two minutes. Once you get accustomed to it, you can attempt different planks to keep fit.

  • Burpees

Many people avoid doing burpees, as it is challenging. But it has proven to be very useful in shedding weight and keeping one healthy. It would be best if you stood straight with your arms by your side and feet apart. Gather hands in front of you and start to squat down; as soon as your hands reach the floor, straighten your legs, and bring them to pushup position. The next step is to stand again and take a slight jump by getting the hands in front of you. Now that you are in the original position, repeat the same rep. In your initial days, experts suggest that you do three sets of 10 reps. 


Most people know the significance of having an exercise routine and its benefit, but due to a hectic lifestyle, they neglect to incorporate exercise into their practice. Regular indulgence in activity optimizes health, improves internal body organs’ functionality, and keeps you fit and achieve a leaner body. It will elevate your mood and give you focus and energy to do your daily tasks happily.