Four Local Chatbots You Wish You Knew About Sooner

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Your Brand Will Never Be The Same

If your business isn’t using a chatbot, you’re missing out on a lot. Chatbots are a key part of every forward-thinking brand. With the ease of access made possible by technology, people demand a more instant, convenient type of customer service. That means meeting them on mobile, specifically on channels they’re already on.

With 75% of consumers already interacting with multiple bots on their messaging apps, more and more brands are using chatbots. They don’t just make customer queries more manageable; they also give you more opportunities to promote your brand and spread information.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, we rounded up 4 nifty ways chatbots can help boost your brand. Once you see these things in action, you’ll wish you knew about them sooner.

Level up your customer engagement. Think about it, you can actually bring your brand’s bot to an active audience by providing them with news updates and interactive ways to generate product interest! With a few taps on their phone, consumers can now even join contests through their messaging apps, giving them more incentive to engage with brands.

FC Barcelona’s chatbot, for example, not only updates followers with crucial news but also lets them do fun things like making predictions on game results, voting for the Man of the Match, and grading the team’s overall weekly performance. Participants who make the most accurate predictions can win an array of exciting prizes like an official team jersey, signed merchandise, and a VIP trip to Camp Nou in Barcelona to meet the team!

Get people to consider your brand as part of daily life. Give your audience a reason to support your brand by providing the user information that can be applied in daily life, and that is easily accessible via chatbots. If customers see how useful your product is to them, they would be more open to integrating it in their regular routines.

A great example is the Knorr Recipe Pal, from which followers can get quick recipes based on their cravings or the ingredients they already have in their pantry. All they need to do is ask the chatbot for meal recommendations, meal plans, or kitchen tips – a total life-saver in the kitchen!

Directly boost your sales. When a customer asks a chatbot a question, it doesn’t just offer a suggestion, it can directly increase your sales by letting customers make orders in-app.

Krispy Kreme’s chatbot allows followers to order doughnuts from their messaging app with the option to have them delivered or prepared for pick-up. It also gives people a steady stream of promo updates through chat, helping boost both brand loyalty and in-app sales.

Provide 24/7 service. Unlike humans, chatbots don’t need sleep. If you’re not available, a chatbot can still offer one-on-one and accessible customer service. They can answer questions and provide links to resources day and night when no one in your team is available.

One such chatbot is Gie of Globe, the telecommunications giant’s smart, savvy millennial guru. Gie answers customer questions and assists them with their plans, payments, and service concerns. She provides customers a more convenient way to seek help while reducing the number of calls Globe hotline reps must take.

Chatbot applications offer you new opportunities to improve your customer engagement process by helping reduce the typical costs of traditional customer service. As one of the country’s top communications apps, Viber lets you easily interact with consumers, achieve higher retention, and explore more opportunities through the Chatbots feature.

Viber’s Chatbots give users the power to connect with a network of diverse and engaged individuals, as well as serve as an everyday consumer-app that makes marketing easier for brands to attract their audience. You can now both communicate and transact using the app — while driving awareness and brand loyalty.

As Viber helps you grow your business through meaningful connections, it remains your trusted partner in providing premium service and solutions for consumers.

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