Quick Tips in Saving on Fuel Costs

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Quick Tips in Saving on Fuel Costs | Are you tired of spending too much at gas stations? After owning a home, buying a car is the second-largest purchase you can make. However, car costs don’t end once you drive off from the dealer. Besides, if you own a large fleet of business cars, you will agree that fuel takes up a large part of the expenditure. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent price fluctuation; you have total control over the amount of petrol you use. Going for the cheapest gas is the easiest way to reduce your fuel cost. However, there are tones of ways you can maximize your fuel usage. Below are tips you can employ to reduce fuel consumption and cost.

  1.     Appropriate Fuel Choice

For you to attain the best performance of your car, there is a notion that your fuel choice is crucial. The cost of gasoline is getting quite high. Recently, there is strong advocacy to shift to the use of Biodiesel. It is closely related to diesel, and its properties mimic petroleum. That means you will not need to modify the engine of your car to use it. Besides, the gas is environmentally safe, and thus, it will help in limiting the greenhouse effect in the world.

  1.     Keep Your Tires Inflated

If you doubt that the car tires play a huge role in reducing fuel consumption, then the economy should open your eyes. The surface is coming to contact with a vehicle increases when your car does not have sufficient pressure. As a result, your vehicle will consume a higher amount of gas as the surface coming in contact with the road, the more the drag.  Properly maintained care tires will ensure you enjoy an economical and safe driving.

  1.     Check on Your Speed

You will save 25% of fuel when you reduce your speed and maintain a driving speed of 70km/hr or less. If your business has a fleet of cars, then installing a speed restriction in each vehicle will help you in fuel saving. Driving at a slow speed greatly reduces fuel consumption hence less fuel consumption in the long run. Also, you should avoid aggressive driving as much as possible. That means you should avoid harsh braking, accelerating, and sharp cornering. Research by UMTRI shows that vigorous habit results in a 30% increase in fuel consumption.

  1.     Lesser Load

Carrying a less load will prove to be an efficient fuel saver. A lighter vehicle consumes less fuel. Nowadays, cars have composite body parts, which decrease the overall weight of your vehicle. Besides, it ensures that the luggage you carry contains only the essential items that you need.

  1.     Limit Car Idling

Starting your engine a few times ensures the engine consumes lesser fuel. Also, by changing the gear early, there will be a lower revolution per minute. Thus, the car will need lower fuel. Another gas-guzzling habit you probably already know about is idling habits. When you leave the engine of your vehicle running when it shouldn’t, it results in unnecessary fuel consumption. The effect is worse if this often happens in a fleet of your business vehicles. When you remind drivers to turn off their engine, you will reap benefits both short-term and long-term. Less fuel expenditure will be among them.


Gas price is on the increase. However, instead of waiting for it to drop, you should instead focus on ways you can reduce fuel consumption. The above tips will come in handy if you are looking to save your gas money.