Make Your Dreams Come True with FundKo

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Have you ever heard of crowdlending platforms particularly making its way to the Philippine market? As the banking industry continuously changes with the rise of financial technology, FundKo gives way to a more convenient financing solution for both borrowers and lenders.

FundKo is the Philippines’ leading online peer-to-peer lending platform which connects verified lenders and borrowers. Among the many platforms for the same purpose, you’re sure to get the best out of FundKo because the processes are easier and faster, and rates are better for both borrowers and lenders.


As a borrower, it’s an accessible way of applying for a loan because all it takes is an internet connection and a smartphone or computer to do it. You could apply depending on your needs with FundKo’s different types of loans available: personal loan, salary loan, working student loan, maternity loan, credit card refinancing, and SME business loan. After submitting your documents online, all you have to do is await FundKo’s response. If your application gets approved, you get your loan and in return, you submit your repayment based on your schedule.

Currently, FundKo is helping employees grow their side hustles or sidelines. They see it as an opportunity to fund micro entrepreneurs and those looking to make the big switch from executive to entrepreneur. As long as you have a regular job, and you intend to get funding to move up your side hustle, FundKo can help.


As a lender, you get a wallet as your account where you put in your funds. Funding your wallet can be done through online banking, bank counters, and payment centers. It’s up to you on which loan you would fund from the marketplace which includes the borrower’s loans. And as one of the profitable and practical investing options in the Philippines, you get monthly returns which you may reinvest or withdraw. With FundKo, you’re sure to get your money back as borrowers undergo credit investigation.

Also, thanks to technology, it’ll be easier to check your funds or loan status from the dashboard at

Why FundKo

This peer-to-peer lending platform is the answer to your prayers when you cannot qualify for a bank loan or simply do not have the time to go through such tedious process.

Apart from funding your business, this can help you pursue your dreams, such as your plan to pursue a master’s degree or your goal to travel the world. Indeed, it is a platform that you can rely on when you need financial assistance or when you want a stable investment anytime, anywhere.

Apply for a loan through FundKo today!