The Future of Work as a Cliffhanger

future of work

Mitzi Ilagan, World Executives Digest | The future of work is here. It may sound scary, but it is a reality to be faced. The “future of work” isn’t just a buzzword. It is also a constant reminder that what we are right now might just be a tiny part of tomorrow.

As digital transformation continues to develop rapidly, how can businesses ever adapt to it? There can be a lot of opportunities as technology and science transform the human landscape, but challenges will be present, too. We all know that artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, and virtual reality makes man’s life easier. But on the other side, they sure pose hurdles, too.

According to Homer Nievera, a digital transformation expert in the Philippines, HR needs to reorganize their ways. How can HR find a way to address this reality in their organizations? Change is something that no one can stop. What’s there to do is go with it, rather than go far behind it. In essence, it is a cliffhanger. That is how Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith, Vice President Global Research of PageUp and Karen Cariss, CEO and co-founder of PageUp takes it into their book called CLIFFHANGER — HR on the Precipice in the Future of Work.

Cliffhanger presents researches and forecasts from PageUp Talent Labs. It discusses where HR stands in the future of work. It also shares insights from thought leaders and analysts on how HR can deal with it the future of work. Furthermore, it expounds on digital, cultural, and business intelligence.

“HR is on the precipice of a cliff. There is a real risk of falling over and there are two choices to make: invent a way across the chasm, or disappear into it”, says Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith.

Watch the video below as Sylvia shares with us what is it like for the HR to be on the precipice in the future of work.

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