Garage Door Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents & Impacts


Henry Schumacker, World Executives Digest |  Home security is a constant challenge for most of us. But despite that, many people tend to overlook the safety and maintenance of one of the most vulnerable entry points to their homes – the Garage.

Used for parking cars, storing equipments or even for playing, garages are more susceptible to intrusions as their entrances are typically out of sight. Though most garages share a common wall, many are constructed slightly away from the houses – making it easier for thieves to target.

Installing automatic locking systems, burglar alarms systems, motion activated floodlights or CCTV cameras – are some of the security measures that can be taken to keep the thugs at bay.

New age hi-tech garage door openers can be relied on for convenience and smart management.

Equally important is to ensure that the doors of these concrete garages are also in good working condition. The frame and material used should be sturdy while the hardware and locking mechanisms should be smooth and functioning well.

This is essential not only for security, but also for your own safety reasons – as garage doors are known to cause accidents.

There are plenty of cases where people (including kids) have been hurt by standing too close to the garage door – when it was opening or closing, while some even got their fingers trapped between the door hinges or panels and ended with up grave injuries.

According to NEISS data, garage doors have collapsed more than 2000 times a year in US hurting people and damaging property.

It thus becomes imperative to keep a cautious eye on the overall functionality of your garages and take preventive steps.

Keep yourself and the kids away from the garage doors. Do not touch or try to run beneath the door as it is closing. Make sure that all the connecting nuts and bolts are properly secured. Any broken door, springs or glass should be repaired /removed immediately. Check for any water damages, corrosion or worn out parts and get it fixed or replaced.

Timely maintenance brings down chances of sudden break downs and malfunctions but keep a close check. Frequent use leads to faster wear and tear. If the repair cost is rising, then you know its time for door opener replacement. Updrading to sophisticated and ultra-edge openers is always a wise move from security point of view.

Read the manual thoroughly to understand how the modern-door models work, and assemble proper safety gears and tools before attempting to clean your garage. Even better, get a routine garage maintenance done by a professional to avoid any mishaps.

See this infographic below that illustrates some handy tips for your garage upkeep to avoid accidents –

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