How to Get Rid of the Problem of Leaking Balconies


Fred Camu, World Executives Digest | Nowadays, leakage problems are becoming prevalent at houses, which are mostly constructed by builders. One of such problems is leaking balconies. It is a very common problem during the rainy season and further, it becomes a serious issue, if it goes unnoticed. Leakage usually starts slowly and then pours eventually making it a huge mess. One of the major causes of leakage is the failure of the waterproof membrane or if there is, rot or damage in the roof or floor joists can occur. This becomes worse if the balcony has leakage problems for a longer period and as a result, it starts deteriorating the entire house.

It is always better to be precautious than to face any mishap. Therefore, one must check for the damages in the house before the rainy season. Here are some of the repercussions of leaking balconies that you need to identify- electricity issues, discoloration of walls, decaying of exterior walls, and collapsing balcony.

What are the few causes of balcony leakage?

  1. Damaged or split membranes will allow the water to penetrate through, resulting in leaking balcony.
  2. Cracked, damaged or loose tiles on a balcony can also lead to weakening and damaging of the substrate.
  3. Split seals on the tiles or roofs will allow access to water.
  4. Porous or missing grout is also a sign of leaking balcony; this will allow direct water access to the membrane.
  5. Some long-standing and old tiles need reseal or repair, if not done then may cause leakage problem.

If a leaking balcony is left unrepaired then it can cause huge expenses to the owner. Therefore, it is very important to repair the leakage points before excessive rainfall. Waterproofing of membranes is one of the best ways to get rid of leakage. Do not waste your money on re-grouting and sealing of balconies.

Ways to fix leaking balconies

  • Inspection: Mainly pooling of water leads to water leakage. Therefore, it is advisable to check for loose and porous tiles while constructing or buying a house. You can also do an annual check before rains arrive.
  • Clean Tiles & Grout: Keep your tiles and grouts clean and tidy so that impurities and any other particle do not affect the repair procedure of the balcony.
  • Remove Defective Grout: The best way is to remove the loose or damaged grouts and replace it by 100% waterproof or non-pervious grouts.
  • Apply Flexible Polymer Seal: You can also apply high polymer seal to the perimeters of the balcony.
  • Put on Double Coated Premium Sealer: A high-quality double coated premium sealer can be applied to the exteriors to protect the balconies from leakage.
  • Laying Waterproof Membranes: It is better to lay down waterproof membranes in the beginning. This will help your tiles to stay away from any kind of damage.
  • Re-sheeting: The best way is to sheet the tiles and grouts once again and remove the damaged ones.
  • Other than these options, there are many more solutions provided over the internet. If you want an immediate solution or do not want to hire any professional, then the above-mentioned ways will help you to fix your leaking problems temporarily. These are quick solutions to your leakage problems.

However, it is always suggested to fix the issue permanently. You have to simply hire a professional to fix your leaking balconies. There are many websites online, which can be reached at any time and their team will help you to repair your balconies instantly. So, do not wait, go and check your balcony membranes and if there is any leakage or pouring, contact your nearest store for help. Hiring a professional will ensure high-quality work with expertise and guarantee of material used.