Get the essence of the Grand Canyon of Arizona in Semarang

Get the essence of the Grand Canyon of Arizona in Semarang | Get the essence of the Grand Canyon of Arizona in Semarang | Semarang has a vibrant history and culture, which dates back to the 17th Century. It became a flourishing harbor for trade and commerce; spices were traded extensively. Semarang the capital of the central province of Java, located in the middle of the northern coast of the lush and densely inhabited island of Java. The city’s location has made this town a fusion point of Indian, Arabic, and European tradition and culture. When you stroll down the Dutch or Chinese quarters, the predominant influence of these cultures is prominent. Europeans colonized the neighbor around the harbor, Oudstadt, and the legacy is evident.

Cozy stay

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure a comfortable, quality accommodation is essential to make the trip enjoyable. Hotels in Semarang are located in the central part of the city, from where you can travel to all major attractions of the city. The service is exceptional, the tariff is reasonable, and facilities are impeccable, making your stay enjoyable and memorable. The front desk and room service is around the clock, with luggage storages, and every room is connected with complimentary Wi-Fi. The rooms are well furnished fitted with the latest LCD screen television, refrigerator, air-condition, and a minibar for refreshment after a hectic day.

Virgin Islands

Semarang is a coastal city, so naturally, you will find abundant sun, sand, and sea. But just 90 kilometers north, twenty-seven unexplored islands are waiting to travel around. Most of the islands are isolated from modern-day technology, as no one lives over there. Karimunjawa, surrounded by blue water, is not influenced by urban life; you can spend some laid-back days in the lap of nature. Homestays are typical on this island, and you will not regret after the heart touching welcome and home-cooked delicious, tasty sea food. As the island is reserved, the massive assortment of flora and fauna, tropical fishes playfully swimming in the coral reef, exotic, beautiful birds flying over will enchant you, fascinate you. Speed boats are available from Jepara to Karimunjawa every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday at 9 in the morning.

Brown canyon

It is incredible how a destroyed landscape, the bits and pieces of a query can be preserved and turned into a tourist spot. Mining by dynamites and other mining equipment have sculpted the surrounding into the startling, astounding figure, walls, towers, and pillars that towers tens of meters vertically. The surrounding gives the vibe and ambiance of the Grand Canyon of Arizona amid Java. Many trails have been carved out of this site. Those trails are perfect for cycling; if you love some adventure and adrenaline rush, go for it. But be cautious during the cycle ride because trucks ply during working hours. 

To travel to this unique place, you have to through half an hour, and there is no road sign, as this is not an official tourist spot. Hire a car and a local guide to take you to this unusual, beautifully destructive place.

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