Ghost Tourism: The Thrill of Fear (without any of the danger)

ghost tourism

You don’t have to see something to know that it is real. While this applies to ghosts, there are plenty of other areas that the same philosophy applies, religion is perhaps the largest case in point.

 You’re certainly not alone if you believe in ghosts, approximately 50% of the Australian population believe in the same thing. 

Of course, this isn’t that strange, there are many unexplained incidents and strange occurrences that happen virtually every day. As no one can be certain what happens after death it seems natural to assume there is something more than just death.

In fact, Australia is awash with ghostly encounters, if you’re interested then check out the Rocks with ghost tours Sydney, or take a trip to Aradale and check out the ghost town and lunatic asylum.

Ghost stories and spine-chilling tales are not a new thing, just consider Count Dracula, but, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to experience these ghostly and spooky going-on. 

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t believe in ghosts, a visit to some o these places is a fascinating experience and should be seen as an adventure. If you experience things you can’t explain you’ll have to decide what to do with that yourself.

Avoiding The Danger

The presence of spirits can be benign or harmful, that’s why there are now so many ghost tourism opportunities that allow you to learn about the haunting without feeling the fear. In general, if you want the thrill you’ll need to visit these places in the daytime rather than the dark.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever be in any real danger, but, some of the ghost tourism venues will leave you feeling chilled and even frightened. 

Where To Go

There are hundreds of places that are thought to be haunted, your choice will depend on where you’re located and what s near to you. It’s best to experience a bit of local ghost tourism first and select somewhere that is relatively mild on the fear scale.

This will ensure you’re ready to take on the more challenging and scariest places in the world.

The greater the number of places you visit the more likely it is that you’ll experience something that you simply can’t explain. At the least this will make you want to experience more places, it may even make you believe.

Ghost tourism is a fascinating way to spend your spare time, there are so many places to experience and so many unanswered questions that you’re left constantly wanting to know more.

Just be warned, once you start ghost tourism, you’ll find it’s addictive.

Final Thoughts

Don’t confuse ghost tourism with ghost hunting. If you’re a tourist you’re interested in the events and history of a place. You’ll probably hope to have an encounter but this is not the same as actively ghost hunting, you’ll need specialized equipment to hunt properly.

If you’re still unsure about ghosts then take a look at the history of where you live. If there’s an older part of town you’re almost certain to have a ghost or two. Visit this area of town in the evening and see what you can experience.